Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, which means winter is on the horizon. Not only are winter plumbing problems a big mess, they’re also mostly avoidable with a little pre-winter TLC. Prepare your plumbing for winter with our plumbing tips!

Insulate Pipes

In freezing temperatures, exposed pipes can freeze and burst. To protect your plumbing from this messy inconvenience, insulate them! You can go the DIY route with some newspaper and trash bags, or you can buy inexpensive pipe insulation made for this purpose. Insulating your pipes now will save you money and stress in the colder weather.

Fix Leaks

Fixing leaks before it gets cold is another way to prevent bursting pipes. It’s much easier to fix a simple leak when it’s warmer than it is when the weather reaches freezing temperatures. Doing quick plumbing fixes now will save you money and time later!

Check Your Water Heater

No one wants a broken water heater at any time of year, let alone in the middle of an Ohio winter! Call a licensed plumber to check the state of your water heater before it gets too cold to ensure that you’ll have hot water all winter long!

Don’t forget to call the pros at Drain Master to prepare your plumbing for winter. If you need plumbing repairs, give us a call at (614) 276-1510, and we’ll send out our efficient and professional plumbers!

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