Although your garbage disposal is tough, it can’t destroy everything. To make your disposal last for years to come, here are 5 things you should never put down the garbage disposal!


There’s a common household myth that eggshells are actually good for your garbage disposal. However, eggshells are one of the worst items you can put in your disposal! The membrane will coat the blades, dulling them, and the shell itself will be ground down to a sand-like texture. These fine particles can easily build up in your pipes, leading a clog and foul odors.

Fruit Pits

Have you ever accidentally bit into a cherry pit? It feels like biting into a small rock, and that’s exactly how it feels to your garbage disposal. Your blades are not powerful enough to break apart cherry, avocado, peach, plum, or nectarine pits. Throw them in the trash or compost instead.

Grease And Oil

While a little oil may get washed down the drain from time to time, you should never pour oil or grease into your sink. The oil will coat the garbage disposal blades, reducing their ability to cut and grind. Grease will solidify as it cools in your pipes, which can cause a smelly, major clog.

Non-Food Items

You should never throw non-food items into the garbage disposal as it was not designed for this. This includes cat litter, metal, plastic, and even organic materials such as dirt and flower trimmings. You should also not put bones in the disposal, as they will splinter and get lodged in your pipes.

Pasta, Rice, And Beans

Soft and easily ground up, these starchy foods may seem innocent. However, while your garbage disposal will have no trouble breaking them down, foods like pasta and rice swell when soaked in water. This can lead to a clog in your pipes, so it’s best to throw them in the trash.

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