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As a division of the Ohio DrainMaster, DrainMaster employs only the best, most qualified, and most dedicated plumbing contractors in the state. Our family-owned and operated plumbing company has been in operation since 1995. Our high standards of performance and even higher goals of constant 100% customer satisfaction has set us apart from any competition for almost two decades now, and we look forward to only widening that gap. Learning about us and our sewer line specialists servicing the Columbus, OH area is sure to convince you DrainMaster is the plumbing company for you!

Our team of sewer system and plumbing experts in Columbus, OH is comprised of the hardest working professionals in the industry. Our transparent form of open communication is one of our proudest aspects of our customer service and care. We talk with all new customers about the extent of the damage to their drainage system or sewer lines that they are facing and just how we will go about repairing, replacing, or improving the issue! Our plumbing solutions never include hidden fees and there is never a drain clog or sewer repair which we cannot complete in a timely fashion.

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