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Pre-Sale Real Estate Plumbing & Sewer Inspection

If you are trying to sell a home, unwanted surprises and repairs are less than ideal. Because your plumbing and sewage system is underground, it can be difficult to know the exact state of your pipe along with their age and the material they are made from without proper inspection services. DrainMaster provides accurate and affordable pre-sale real estate plumbing and sewer inspections to inform you of your property’s worth and increase your property value.

Why Plumbing & Sewer Inspection is Important

An informed seller can make all of the difference in the home-buying process. With an inspection, you will be aware of any small repairs that you can take care of before they become a serious problem.


Buyers value transparency in the home-buying process. If you have done your homework and know exactly what is happening on your property, people will be less hesitant to purchase. This also allows you to avoid an overcharged quote of an inspection that the buyer may conduct on their own.


If a buyer decides to conduct their own inspection, they may charge you more for the repair. DrainMaster is experienced in conducting trenchless inspections that are lower in cost and labor than traditional methods. By conducting your own inspection, you will have more control in the overall home buying process.


Buyers are less likely to purchase your property if they do not think you are credible. If you do not take the time to understand the ins and outs of your property’s heath, this can backfire and make you seem untrustworthy. Showing buyers that you have done your homework thoroughly will speed up the overall process. 

Our technicians are trained to know local, state, and national building requirements and can ensure that your building meets all of these requirements before an inspector looks at it.

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How the Pre-Sale Real Estate Inspection Process Works

At DrainMaster, we are proud to offer advanced camera inspection services that save you time and money. The inspection begins by inserting a small, waterproof camera into an existing access point in your pipeline. This camera is worked throughout your system and records video of the session that is fed back to our team. Once we have gathered this detailed information, we will inform you of the age and condition of your pipes.

If the inspection reveals a clog, intrusion or other debris build-up, we may recommend a cleaning. This process is also easy and does not require digging on your property. Hydro jetting uses pressurized water throughout your pipelines and will restore their functionality immediately.

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If you are selling a home or commercial property in Columbus or the surrounding areas, performing an inspection on your plumbing and sewer system is in your best interest. Call us at DrainMaster today to learn more about our inspection process and to schedule an appointment.

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