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Signs of a Gas Line Leak

Gas LeakMany homes throughout the country rely on natural gas for stoves, heaters, and general appliances. Homeowners in Columbus, OH should always be cognizant of a potential gas line leak. Why? Because it can be one of the most dangerous plumbing emergencies possible. As you know, gas is harmful to your health and can ignite explosions and fires within your home. For gas line repair and replacement, call Drain Master at (614) 276-1510. Meanwhile, check out these signs of a gas line leak:

Dead Plants

Signs of gas leakage are not always observed on the interior. Check the outside of your home for dead or dying plants. Although plants can die for a variety of reasons, if you notice that multiple, well-kept plants are dying unexpectedly, gas leakage could be the source. Gas blocks oxygen from the plants grasp and can lead to noticeable discoloration, which will stand out to observers.

Distinct Smell

A gas leak is easy to smell, and most people are well aware of what gas smells like. If if you don’t know exactly how it smells, you will notice that something is causing a distressful smell in and around your home. In most cases, natural gas contains odor enhancers so that homeowners can more easily detect a leak. You will not have any question when you smell the horrific stench of natural gas leakage.

Hissing Sound

If you hear a high pitched hiss around your gas tank, you should contact a plumber immediately. That sound indicates some type of leak, and one that could continue to get worse if it goes unattended. Gas is also combustible, making any sort of leakage a fire and safety hazard for your home and family. Get out in front of the problem by contacting Drain Master today.

How to Make Your Bathroom Smell Better

clean bathroom

Cleaner Bathrooms Always Smell Better!

Does your bathroom have a foul, lingering odor? There are many different things that can cause this, as well as many ways you can fix it. Today we will discuss a few things that can improve the odor of your bathroom.

Increase the Ventilation

While your bathroom may already have a window or a vent fan, it also may not! A vent fan is a great way to ventilate the bathroom of both moisture and odors. Windows can offer similar effects, but only if the weather is nice.


Add House Plants

House plants, such as ferns, are excellent bathroom plants, as they keep the room from staying too humid. Humidity in an enclosed space like your bathroom can lead to smelly mold and mildew.


This one should go without saying, but thoroughly cleaning your bathroom will keep most odors at bay. Cleaners such as baking soda and lemon juice mixtures are environmentally safe, as well as a great way to clean. Adding vinegar can help you get an extra clean affect. Be sure to clean areas you don’t see, such as the underside exterior of the toilet bowl, and the ledge underneath your cabinets as well.

Additional Tips

There are other things that can help you keep your bathroom free from odors, such as closing the toilet lid before flushing, and regularly cleaning out he trash. Also make sure that all of your sinks, tubs, and shower are properly sealed, and missing bits of caulk create holes that mold and mildew love. Furthermore, keep an eye out for leaks, and remember to wash your curtains from time to time, as they can hold in foul odors!

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What You Should Never Put Down The Toilet

What You Should Never Put Down The Toilet

Things You Should Never Put Down The Toilet.

Having a completely functioning toilet is of the utmost importance, but there are things that can really damage your toilet. While toilets seem like safe place to dispose of trash or other things, there are things you should never put down the toilet. Below are a number of items you should never put down the toilet.

Bathroom Wipes Or Face Wipes

It would make sense that because these are cloth items, they would be able to go down the toilet. This could not be farther from the truth. These wipes can cause clogs, which is never good for your toilet, so dispose of them in the trash.

Cleaning Products

There are a lot of cleaning products on the market that can be very hazardous to people if they end up in the water system. This is a very important item that you should never put down the toilet.

Cotton Balls and Swabs

Again, this might seem like an okay thing since it’s a cloth item, but they can cause blockages in the sewer system by attaching themselves to pipes and even building up in the pipes.


It’s tiny, thin string, what’s the harm in throwing it down the toilet? While it might seem okay, floss can wrap itself around a pipe or accumulate to cause clogs.

Paper Towels

Because paper towels are a lot thicker than toilet paper, it takes longer for these materials to break down. Avoid throwing any paper towels down the toilet always.

If you need toilet repairs or replacements in Columbus, OH, contact the plumbers at Drain Master today by calling (614) 276-1510.

How To Tell When Your Bathroom Needs a New Toilet

How To Tell When Your Bathroom Needs a New Toilet

Signs You Need a New Toilet Replacement.

Toilets are one of the best plumbing devices our homes have. We use them every single day, which is why it’s important to have a fully functioning toilet. However, there will be times when a new toilet replacement is necessary, but you are unsure when you need one. Below are ways to tell when your bathroom needs a new toilet replacement.

Frequent Clogs

While toilet clogs are pretty common, it is not common to have persistent clogs. It might seem fine to continue to pay for repairs, but those repairs can add up and invest in a new toilet could actually cost less than repairs.

Too Many Repairs

A new toilet replacement is essential if you keep having to repair the toilet. You may be paying for repairs on the valve or the flapper is broken, either way, constant repairs tend to cost more than replacements in the long run.

The Porcelain Is Cracked

Cracks on the bowl or tank may seem like an aesthetic problem, but it is more than just a cosmetic problem. Cracks that show up can cause leaks. Getting a new toilet replacement is key if you want to prevent your whole bathroom from flooding.

An Unsteady Toilet

If you sit down on your toilet and it rocks back and forth, you have a problem. The toilet should be structurally sound and not move when you sit on it. It might be due to a loose washer, but if that’s not the care, a new toilet replacement might be worth it.

If you need a toilet replacement or repair in Columbus, OH, call Drain Master today at (614) 276-1510.


Plumbing Predicaments: What Goes Down the Drain

For sink and drain blockage call Drain Master today!

A delicious dinner can be detrimental to your kitchen drain because some foods are prone to clogging up sinks. In order to avoid any plumbing problems, check out these tips on how to dispose of food properly.


Garbage Disposal Don’ts

The garbage disposal is a tool that is used to  grind up food into smaller pieces in order to form a mushy mixture that is then carried by water through the pipes. It’s important to make sure that the disposal is running before you put food into it. Don’t wait until it’s full before turning it on, otherwise you run the risk of jamming the disposal. Also make sure to run cold water through the disposal to prevent the motor from overheating.


Best Foods to Dispose of in Trash Can

Hard foods such as bones and fruit pits, as well as poultry skin should be put in the trash can. They do not belong in the disposal.  Also, dispose of starchy foods such as dressing, rice, or pasta in the garbage too.

Rice, pasta, and other starchy side dishes expand with water, which can block the flow of water through the drains. You should also never pour fats or cooking oils down the drains because they typically solidify in the pipes. And last but not least, avoid putting stringy, starchy or fibrous waste in the garbage disposal. This includes poultry skins, celery, and fruit and potato peels, since these things can not be sufficiently broken down. Because they can’t be broken down, they can jam and even break the disposal.


Best Foods to Use For Composting

You can create your own garden fertilizer by combining certain foods with wood chips, lawn clippings, and even hair to create an organic compost. Collect certain scrap foods and dispose of in a larger bin outside. This way you can prevent any potential damage to your garbage disposal and drain blockage.

If you need garbage disposal repair or drain cleaning in Columbus, OH, call Drain Master at  (614) 276-1510 for the best plumbing services near you! 

Faucet Issues: When Do You Need Your Faucet Repaired?

Working faucets are an important function for our bathroom and kitchen. We need them to turn on the water to clean dishes, to take a shower, and to wash our hands, so the faucet’s condition is incredibly important. But how do you know if your faucet is in good condition or when you need faucet repair? Here is when you really need to repair your faucet.

Faucet Issues: When Do You Need Your Faucet Repaired?

If You Are Having Problems with Your Faucet, You Might Need a Faucet Repair.

Low Water Pressure

There are two pieces of the faucet that can cause low water pressure, the aerator and the diverter. The aerator can be found at the tip of the faucet and if there is build up of minerals and sediment, it can block the water from coming out of the aerator. The diverter controls how much water comes out of the faucet. If it’s blocked or clogged, it can cause low water pressure. Another issue of low water pressure can be the water supply, but having a professional plumber come check out your faucet will determine what kind of faucet repair you need.

Leaky Faucet

Having a leaky or dripping faucet can not only be annoying, but it can also increase your water bill. One of the ways a faucet becomes leaky is due to the seal on the faucet. These are usually the washers or ceramic taps. They both form a seal when the tap is turned off so water doesn’t go through. If they are worn, it can cause the faucet to become leaky. Call a plumber to remedy this and find out what kind of faucet repair you need.

Does your faucet need repairs or replacement in Columbus, OH? Call Drain Master today at (614) 276-1510.

5 Benefits to Hydro Jetting Cleaning Services For Your Plumbing

One of the worst things you can encounter when you are a homeowner is pesky clogs. They can be really annoying and even tough to get rid of. When clogs are too big to get rid of with chemical cleaners and snaking, hydro jetting cleaning is the best option. While hydro jetting cleaning can get rid of those annoying clogs, there are a lot of other benefits, as well. Here are five benefits of hydro jetting cleaning.

Drain Needs Hydro Jetting Cleaning

Reliable Cleaning Method

Whether you have a clog due to grease or tree roots, hydro jetting is able to clean out your pipes and drains very effectively. Drain cleaners and snakes are only able to do so much cleaning, but with hydro jetting, you are able to get your drains cleaned and keep them clean.

Removes Build-up

Our plumbing drains have a ton of stuff passing through it each and every day. Whether it be food, soap, hair, or grease, these things can start to build-up. Because hydro jetting is so powerful, it is able to remove build-up, even years and years of build-up.

Gets Rid of Bacteria

Because of constant use, our drains and pipes can carry a lot of bacteria that can make us sick. In addition to bacteria causing illnesses, it can also cause bad odors. With the blast of hydro jetting, the drains and pipes are completely rid of bacteria.


Other methods of cleaning are not as effective as hydro jetting. Because of its effectiveness, drains and pipes don’t have to be cleaned as often, saving you money in the long run.

If you need hydro jetting services in Columbus, OH, give the experts at Drain Master a call at (614) 276-1510 today!


Does Your Plumbing Stink?

What's That Smell? Let Drain Master Fix Your Plumbing SmellIt’s happened to all of us, you’re relaxing at home and all the sudden you catch a whiff of something smelly. If you’re like us, you can’t relax until you find the source of the smell. After a quick look at your family members and/or pets, take a look around your home. The source of your smell could be your plumbing. Read on to learn where the plumbing stink could be coming from.

Gas Lines

Natural gas is a great way to power appliances in your home, but it can also be not only stink but hazardous. The natural gas in your home is actually not that smelly naturally- that smell is added in for your safety! If you smell something like rotten eggs in your home, it could be a gas leak. Gas leak symptoms include nausea, headaches, and even loss of consciousness. If you think you have a gas leak you should call your gas company immediately, then find a reputable specialist in gas line repair to fix your leak.

Garbage Disposal

We all love our garbage disposals, but it could be causing your kitchen to stink. If your kitchen is smelly and you’ve just taken out the trash, check your disposal! While your disposal is designed to grind up food, most of us don’t run it long enough and put things down it that don’t belong there.

Sink Clogs

If you have a slow moving drain it can start to cause a bad smell in your home. Whether the clog is in your kitchen or bathroom, if your water isn’t draining efficiently then you should call a drain cleaning service ASAP in order to prevent bad smells and mildew growth.

If you have smelly plumbing issue call (614) 276-1510 and let Drain Master solved your problem.

Leaky Faucet: 4 Reasons Your Faucet Is Leaking

Faucet leaks can be a very annoying issue. Not only can it cause noise disturbances, it can also rank up the water bill. But why exactly does a faucet leak in the first place? Here are four reasons you have a leaky faucet.

Leaky Faucet: 4 Reasons Your Faucet Is Leaking

The O-Ring in the Faucet Is Broken

What exactly is an O-ring? An O-ring is a disk that is installed in the handle to provide a waterproof seal. When the O-ring becomes damaged due to regular use, it can cause the faucet handle to leak. Replacing the O-ring should stop the leaking in the handle.

The Washer Is Worn Out

Washers are commonly found in compression faucets and are one of the most common leaky faucet culprits. There is frequent friction between the washer and valve set, which in turn causes the washer to wear out and produce leaking in the spout. Washers can be replaced to prevent a leaky faucet.

Cartridge Is Broken

The cartridge is important because it regulates water flow and temperature. Damage usually occurs because of normal wear and tear. The whole cartridge will have to be replaced to prevent a leaky faucet, but it’s an inexpensive repair.

Broken Pipes Cause Leaky Faucets

It can be an uncommon problem, but a very serious one. Broken pipes can create cracks which lead to leaking. Calling a professional as soon as possible will ensure the problem doesn’t become worse.

If you need faucet repairs or require plumbing maintenance in Columbus, OH, call the Drain Masters at (614) 276-1510 for professional plumbing services!



5 Things You Should Never Put In The Garbage Disposal

Although your garbage disposal is tough, it can’t destroy everything. To make your disposal last for years to come, here are 5 things you should never put down the garbage disposal!


garbage disposalThere’s a common household myth that eggshells are actually good for your garbage disposal. However, eggshells are one of the worst items you can put in your disposal! The membrane will coat the blades, dulling them, and the shell itself will be ground down to a sand-like texture. These fine particles can easily build up in your pipes, leading a clog and foul odors.

Fruit Pits

Have you ever accidentally bit into a cherry pit? It feels like biting into a small rock, and that’s exactly how it feels to your garbage disposal. Your blades are not powerful enough to break apart cherry, avocado, peach, plum, or nectarine pits. Throw them in the trash or compost instead.

Grease And Oil

While a little oil may get washed down the drain from time to time, you should never pour oil or grease into your sink. The oil will coat the garbage disposal blades, reducing their ability to cut and grind. Grease will solidify as it cools in your pipes, which can cause a smelly, major clog.

Non-Food Items

You should never throw non-food items into the garbage disposal as it was not designed for this. This includes cat litter, metal, plastic, and even organic materials such as dirt and flower trimmings. You should also not put bones in the disposal, as they will splinter and get lodged in your pipes.

Pasta, Rice, And Beans

Soft and easily ground up, these starchy foods may seem innocent. However, while your garbage disposal will have no trouble breaking them down, foods like pasta and rice swell when soaked in water. This can lead to a clog in your pipes, so it’s best to throw them in the trash.

If you need garbage disposal repair in Columbus, OH, call Drain Master for expert plumbing services near you! (614) 276-1510