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How Our Drain Cleaning Services Keep Your Columbus Pipes Clog-Free and Save You Money

Maintenance is an important part of any homeowner’s budget and considerations. Fixing that sagging porch, replacing damaged roof shingles, and keeping up your electrical wiring are all tasks often diligently performed by most homeowners, yet the pipes are often overlooked until disaster strikes.

Drain Master’s highly trained engineers and technicians are ready to assist you in keeping your home’s drains properly maintained, and eliminating expensive and distressing plumbing emergencies. Our drain cleaning service is fast, efficient, and will not only keep your home functioning, but give you the most important thing of all – peace of mind.

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Hydro Jetting

Why Our Sewer Cleaning Services Are Quick

An issue with your residential sewer system can quickly turn your entire life into chaos. You need to get in touch with a contractor as quickly as possible to find out how fast they can be out to assess the damage. You also need to find out how long the process is going to take once the crew is at the location. It seems that the most crucial factor we depend on when it comes to sewer system emergencies is time. And that’s one of the reasons why our sewer cleaning services here at Drain Master Ohio are quick and efficient.

Heavy Precipitation Leads to Traffic Issues and Clean Up in the Ohio River Valley

The Ohio River Valley receives plenty of rain and snow throughout the year. During the storm season in 2014, traffic had to be rerouted and residents were cautioned to stay off the road as storm water flooded the local yards, roads, and bridges.

While it may be a common occurrence for many major cities that receive a lot of precipitation, it is also a problem that can be improved by cleaning out city storm drains regularly. During a heavy storm, the city drains can be filled with falling tree branches, leaves, dirt, and other types of debris. This can keep the flow of water from going into the drain where it belongs, and instead causes it to pool up in the road.

Even though the issue is not as costly or serious as a clogged city drain system, your drains can cause similar issues with your own residential sewer system if they become clogged.

Fast & Reliable Sewer Cleaning Services Are Just a Phone Call Away

AtDrain Master Ohio, we work hard to provide our valued customers with quality support they can rely on day or night. That is why we provide 24-hour emergency drain cleaning and plumbing services. Our team is always prepared to take on any type of drain cleaning need you may have. Whether you are faced with a broken water heater, a water line repair, or a clogged drain, we’re here to help no matter how big the mess may be. When you call Drain Master Ohio, we will have a licensed drain cleaning tech out to your property as soon as possible.

Why Choose Drain Master Ohio for your Sewer Cleaning Services

We are a family owned business that’s served the families and business owners of Ohio since 1995. We feel that our quality performance standards and how we strive to provide each customer with the best results are the reasons behind our two decades of success. Here at Drain Master Ohio, our team is made up of dedicated plumbing and sewer repair experts who are always ready to try the latest innovative methods for the benefit of our customers. We never have any hidden fees attached to our final bill, and there is no clogged drain or sewer line repair job out there that we can’t solve in a timely manner.

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Taking care of a serious sewer line issue quickly can help you to avoid additional problems in the future. When you notice the first sign of trouble, be sure to give us a call at 614-698-1434 for assistance. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. If you have any questions or concerns, you may also contact us via email at drainmaster76@gmail.com.

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Video Camera Inspection

How Often Do I Need To Get My Sewer Inspected?

The sewer line in your home is one of the most critical parts of your plumbing system, but is also one of the most neglected ones. The average homeowner lets the days pass by, which quickly turn into weeks, months, and years, and never pays attention to the sewer pipes until something goes wrong. When you least expect it, the toilet will start to overflow or the water will not drain in the bathroom or kitchen sinks.

Sewer issues are no fun: they are messy, smelly, and can also be dangerous for your health since sewage is full of bacteria and contaminants. Many of the problems we deal with when repairing a sewer could have been avoided with proper inspection and maintenance.

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Signs of a Gas Line Leak

Many homes throughout the country rely on natural gas for stoves, heaters, and general appliances. Homeowners in Columbus, OH should always be cognizant of a potential gas line leak. Why? Because it can be one of the most dangerous plumbing emergencies possible. As you know, gas is harmful to your health and can ignite explosions and fires within your home. For gas line repair and replacement, call Drain Master at (614) 276-1510. Meanwhile, check out these signs of a gas line leak:

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