Who To Call For A Damaged Water Line

If a water line leading to property breaks many problems can be faced by our customers before they call our water line services in Columbus OH. Our customers may not even recognize they have a leak in their water line until they are affected by water bubbling up in the street outside their home. We offer our customers the chance to benefits from water line replacement and repair that can solve their problems when our team of water line technicians is called in to handle any problems that may be faced.

Look For The Signs of a Broken Water Line in Your Home

We understand it can be difficult to identify the major problem we all face when we are trying to identify the major problems that can be seen with the plumbing in our homes. The main issue that leads to water line repair in Columbus OH is the fact the leaks that may be developing cannot be seen as they are commonly hidden behind walls and under flooring.

Our technicians believe it is important for you to look for the symptoms of an initial leak occurring long before the damage becomes major. The first thing to look for is small puddles that often appear on the floor of a bathroom or kitchen at the base of a sink, tub, or toilet showing the water line installation is not moving without a leak. Puddles and water spots on the floor of a home are a sure-fire sign of a water line being damaged somewhere in a property.

Problems Can Be Seen Outside

Many problems can be seen by our customers that prompt them to decide to call our water line services in Columbus OH. Perhaps the best-known problem that is seen when a water line is damaged is water bubbling up in the street as the broken line is located underground outdoors. Along with the problem of water making its way to the surface of the street, our customers often report a damp area on their property that makes it difficult for them to enjoy their exterior spaces.

The exterior of any property is an area out plumbers experienced in water line repair in Columbus OH will look for signs of a broken water line leading into any commercial or residential property. In some cases, the earliest signs of a water leak will be seen in the form of a whistling sound when a faucet is turned on that is often accompanied by a burst of water flowing out of the faucet.

Call an Expert in Water Line Installation

When a water line is damaged our customers often report they are shocked at a sharp increase in their utility bills as water flows through the lines that are installed at their property. Whenever you believe you have a damaged water line, you should contact DrainMaster for our water line services in Columbus OH.

What To Expect With A Sewer Line Replacement

Even though they’re underground, your sewer lines are an integral part of your home. They are what waste water travels through to keep your central water line clean. But even with proper home maintenance, there may come a time when you need sewer line repair.

If you’ve heard horror stories about sewer line replacement, we’re here to put your mind at ease. Here’s what you need to know about sewer pipe line repair and replacement.

Issues That Warrant Sewer Line Repair

Since they’re not in sight, it’s very difficult to determine the problem with the sewer line. A professional is going to have to go underground to find the cause. There are many potential causes of a faulty sewer line.

A few of these issues include:

  • A buildup of oil and grease
  • The sewer line is starting to sag
  • Tree roots have managed to infiltrate the sewer line
  • The pipes were damaged in some way
  • Debris was put down in the pipes through flushing or a drain

These may not come off as severe issues, but over time, they can cause significant damage to your home. Mold can start to form, the wood will start to rot and even the plaster of your walls will be worn down. The sewer line underground is connected to every single pipe in your house.

Signs That You’re Having Sewer Line Problems

Just because you can’t see the problem directly, that doesn’t mean you’re unable to notice the signs. You’ll know that you have a problem with your sewer line if the water is a different color.

Another common sign of sewer line damage is a foul odor. Random moisture on the walls or ceilings are another indicator. Other potential signs include a slow drain, a rodent infestation, the toilet constantly backs up and mold starts to grow on surfaces.

If you happen to notice any of these signs, call a sewer line repair Columbus OH right away. The sooner you tackle the problem, the less damage you have to worry about.

Do I Need a Repair or Replacement?

Whether or not you need to replace sewer line or repair it solely depends on how severe the issue actually is. If your sewer line has something like a small leak, it can be easily patched up. Minor problems typically require a repair. If it’s a massive problem such as a sewer line burst, however, that’s when you’re going to need a replacement. Again, in order to know for sure, sewer repair services Columbus OH must be called.

Plumbing issues may be common, but they’re honestly a homeowner’s worst nightmare. In some cases, there are times where you can fix the problem yourself. But it’s best if you call a professional plumber to be safe. If you’re having sewer line problems, DrainMaster is here to save the day. Give us a call and we’ll send someone out to get your water running in the right direction.

Which Drain Cleaning Services Are Right For You?

Drain cleaning in Columbus, OH may not be a part of home maintenance that we like to think about because it does not have the bang for your buck of painting rooms or updating a bathroom. However, the hidden issue of drains is one that can come back to bite us if we do not correctly care for them over the long-term. Firstly, we may not know of any issues that are occurring if we do not arrive at a property with our drain cleaning services in Columbus, OH. Our drain cleaning company can work with a property owner regularly to make sure there are no blockages or clogged drain problems by conducting a regular inspection and cleaning service.

The Different Types of Drain Cleaning

There are several ways for you to care for your drains, including many home remedies that many will choose to undertake. However, the unblocking of a clogged drain using a home remedy is a short term one because it will not move the major blockage that is causing so many problems at a property. Our team of experts will look at the best option for unblocking any pipes that could include the use of a full inspection or drain snaking to try and create a passage for wastewater and waste to move all blockages out of the way. A snake is a popular option for our team of plumbers who believe this is an effective way of getting rid of a blockage in a fast and efficient way. However, some blockages are more difficult and can lead to broken pipes and sewer lines that our drain cleaning company can handle. Replacing a damaged pipe is often the only option when a property is affected by the damage that can be caused by drains that are not working efficiently.

Drain Cleaning in Columbus, OH Can Offer Many Benefits

Among the many reasons why our customers believe drain cleaning services in Columbus, OH are so important is the ability of our company to care for your home in an efficient way. Drains that are blocked or clogged provide you with a problem that can lead to our homes becoming smelly and unhealthy for us to live in. By choosing our drain cleaning services, our customers are trying to extend the life of their sewer pipes by allowing our team of professionals to care for them correctly.

One of the benefits our customers often refer to is that of the speed at which their toilets flush and sink water drains. By opening up the drains at a property we are helping shift water more efficiently out of our homes and into the public sewer system

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If our company is not caring for the drains at a property in Columbus, OH the chances ore high that a blocked or broken drain will go unnoticed for a long time. If a drain breaks on a property the homeowner is responsible for all repairs up to the street where the connection to the public sewers is made meaning a costly repair is often in order. Care for your drains by contacting DrainMaster to learn more about our drain cleaning services in Columbus, OH.

4 Plumbing Nightmares to Avoid

Other than wiping down the sinks and toilets, none of us gives much thought to our plumbing. That is until sewage is backing up out of the toilet all over the bathroom. Then we think about it a lot.

Some plumbing disasters can’t be avoided, no matter how careful you try to be. Plenty, though, can not only be avoided but are entirely our own faults. While we can provide you our top plumber in Columbus OH, we here at Drain Master want to help you dodge these plumbing emergencies.

Backed-up toilets

That’s right. Your supposedly flushable wipes are bad news. The package may say that they’re 100% safe for your plumbing; in reality, they don’t break down quickly and can build up a clog, especially in older pipes and sewer systems.

Flushing anything other than toilet paper is a bad idea. If you ignore this rule, it’s only a matter of time before your toilet backs up and overflows into your bathroom. You’ll have a nasty, unpleasant mess and need plumbing repairs if the clog is too bad.

Burst water heater

Your water heater is an appliance and needs regular servicing to run its best, just like your heating or air conditioning units. Most plumbing services offer water heater maintenance, and by having this done once a year, you can catch corrosion or bad pipes and valves before they cause problems.

If you don’t maintain your water heater, it can burst. In other words, it may explode. If you spot a leaky pressure relief valve or hear any unusual noises, call an emergency plumbing company right away. It could be a very hazardous situation.

Burst pipes

Chances are you keep your home above the freezing point during winter, and that’s precisely what you should do. Not only for your comfort but to help protect your pipes from freezing and bursting.

When water freezes, it expands, then as it thaws, it contracts again. Repeating this cycle causes pipes to wear out quickly. Often, if the pressure from frozen water standing in the pipes is too great, they’ll break open. Keep your home cozy, and if you just can that it for whatever reason, open the faucets, so they trickle. This keeps the water flowing so it can’t freeze.

DIY gone wrong

Everyone loves to save a few bucks. Sometimes, though, trying to save some money costs us thousands more; in the long run, most home plumbing repairs are that way. Things get tricky when you climb under the sink and try to fix a leak. It may seem small to you, but a professional plumber can look at that same leak and see if the problem is from a loose connection or decaying pipes. You are much more likely to miss the big picture until you have a huge mess on your hands.

If any of these plumbing tragedies hit your home, don’t sweat it. If you need a plumbing company in Columbus OH, give us a call at Drain Master, we can schedule a visit to keep your home catastrophe free, or come to the rescue when the terrible has happened.

Why Plumbing Repairs Are Not DIY Projects

In this age of online information, many people think they can handle common home repairs on their own. It is not unusual for our plumbers in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas to be called to a home where an attempt at a DIY solution has created an emergency plumbing situation. It is important to remember that plumbing is a complex technical field. When you call a professional plumbing company like DrainMaster, you are working with experts with years of training and experience.

Red Flags That Indicate Plumbing Issues

There are several signs that indicate you need plumbing services at your home. It is important not to ignore them, as the situation will only get worse.

  • Clogged drains: If water is not draining out or drains very slowly, it indicates that something is clogging your pipes. A professional can clear the blockage safely.
  • Constant running: If your toilet or any other fixture will not stop running, a skilled plumber can easily make the fix.
  • Damp spots: Water spots on your ceiling or puddles on the floor indicate leaking pipes. Call a professional to investigate.
  • Weak water pressure: Low water pressure often means an issue in your incoming water line.
  • Low water temperature: A professional plumbing company will work with your hot water heater and make certain it is functioning properly
  • Backflow: A consequence of low system pressure can mean sewer water backing up into your home. This must be addressed quickly for the health of your home.

How DIY Leads to Worse Problems

Even if you think you understand the problem, trying to fix your own plumbing is a serious risk. Often, home remedies like drain cleaners only mask the deeper problem for a short time. An improper fix can lead to damage further down the system. A poorly-executed pipe connection can leave you with a flooded basement and extensive water damage. Let the experts from DrainMaster handle your home plumbing services.

Plumbing Repairs from DrainMaster

DrainMaster can give you the comprehensive plumbing repairs you need. Whether it is a leaky faucet that is driving you crazy or a full-blown emergency plumbing issue, we are the plumbers in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas you can trust to handle it. We will make certain that your water only flows when and where you want it to. We can clear most line blockages using advanced snaking and hydro jet techniques. In addition, we can handle any problems with your hot water heater, garbage disposal, and other plumbing fixtures. We are also the professionals you can trust with your water line, gas line or sewer line.

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If you suspect that you need help with the plumbing at your location, DrainMaster is the plumbing company that will get the job done right. Our highly-trained professionals have the knowledge, skill, and technology to keep things flowing as they should. Contact us today at 614-698-1434 to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Drain snaking can be an effective drain cleaning technique under certain circumstances. But if you have a clogged drain or one that’s increasingly slow due to a significant buildup of debris, hydro jetting done by a reliable drain cleaning company like DrainMaster can be a more effective cleaning method. It’s similar to our other drain cleaning services in that the goal is to be as minimally invasive as possible while still producing the desired results. The main benefits associated with this comprehensive cleaning process include:

  • It allows stubborn clogs to be safely cleared
  • The results of hydro jetting are often long-lasting
  • Difficult-to-reach spots in drains can be safely cleaned
  • It’s a cost-effective alternative to more traditional pipe cleaning methods
  • It’s done through a convenient access point from inside your home or business

Common Causes of Clogging

The main reason for any type of drain cleaning in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas is to restore normal water flow to drains. As for why you may need drain cleaning, common reasons include clogs that develop over time from soap, hair, and other household materials that can get into drains and small items that accidentally fall down drains. You may also have a clogged drain if you run a business with drains normally exposed to grease and other harsh substances, and clogs in sewer drains sometimes develop because of corrosion or invasive tree roots.

The Hydro Jetting Process

This drain cleaning process involves delivering a highly concentrated volume of water into a drain pipe. It’s a type of power-washing that’s done by inserting a specially designed hose with a nozzle on it into a hole that leads to your drain. Water that’s highly pressurized is then directed into the drain that needs to be cleaned.

The force of the water removes debris and other substances that could be affecting how your drain works. With sewer lines, hydro jetting is done in a way that takes advantage of the way such pipes are designed to naturally dislodge debris so that it’s safely cleared away.

Advantages of Hydro Jetting

Even if traditional drain cleaning methods like drain snaking are initially effective, residue can continue to accumulate deeper within your drains. This increases your odds of experiencing more clogs. This is less likely to happen with hydro jetting, which is why it’s a drain cleaning method that can easily save you money.

What’s more, hydro jetting can be considered an environmentally friendly process since you won’t have to use toxic or hazardous drain cleaning chemicals to restore optimal drain flow. It’s also a good preventative maintenance technique.

Contact DrainMaster Today

We invite you to make the most of our drain cleaning services to reduce the risk of being surprised by a clogged drain and related plumbing problems. DrainMaster is also the drain cleaning company you can call for 24/7 emergency service for issues that demand immediate attention. Contact us today at 614-698-1434 to learn more about hydro jetting and our other drain cleaning services.

Sewer Line Issues: Repair or Replace?

Here at DrainMaster, we are here to help you with sewer line repair in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas. There are times when you will have to make the decision on whether or not to repair or replace your sewer lines. We can help you to make that decision based on the damage to the sewer lines as well as your budget.

Causes of Sewer Line Damage

There are many things that can cause damage to your sewer line. You can prevent some of these things from happening with proper care and maintenance. However, there will be times where damage will happen that will be beyond your control.

  • Corrosion. If you have an older home, your sewer lines could start to fall apart due to old pipes.
  • Construction. If there is a construction project going on, your septic line may get damaged due to this.
  • Leaking joints. If you have leaking joints in your sewer line, you will need a sewer line replacement as soon as possible so that sewage does not back up into your yard.
  • Tree roots. One of the most common reasons why people have to get sewer line repair in Columbus is due to tree roots. These tree roots grow in and around the sewer lines causing damage.
  • Flushing debris. In some cases, we see sewer line damage because debris like sanitary items, too much toilet paper, toys, and more have been flushed down the toilet.
  • Pouring grease down the drain. We see this all too often in our line of work. People think that it is ok to pour grease down the drain line. This is a huge mistake that will cause you to nee to replace sewer line quickly. Over time the grease builds up, causing clogs all throughout your septic system.

How We Approach the Problem

In many cases, we can repair your system quickly without having to conduct a sewer pipe line repair. Cases like this include issues where the drain is just clogged, and leaking joints.

You will want to consider sewer line replacement, however, when the damage is so great that it is just going to be too expensive to keep repairing your septic system. You will also want to consider getting your sewer line replaced if it is older and subject to more damage.

Reach Out to DrainMaster Today

Here at DrainMaster, we specialize in both sewer pipe line repair and replacement. As soon as you call us, we will set up an appointment to inspect your drain lines. We will quickly find the problem, and tell you whether or not it should be repaired or replaced.

If you see the signs of having an issue with your sewer lines, get in touch with our team today. Waiting too long can leave you with sewage backing up into your home as well as your yard. We are ready to help you with any sewer line issues that you may have. Call us at 614-698-1434 today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment. You may also reach out to our team by filling out the online contact form.

Main Culprits of Water Line Damage

To understand why you might need water line repair in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas from a trusted company like DrainMaster, it can be helpful to know what typically causes water line damage. Pipes that burst or leak are among the main culprits associated with damaged water lines. Rust and corrosion and deeper clogs can be factors as well, as can issues with invasive trees or critters. Contacting our skilled team ASAP is best as we can take care of the problem with water line replacement or repair. We rely on effective techniques that are designed to solve many common water line issues without the need for digging or damage to your landscape.

What Causes a Damaged Water Line

You will want to minimize issues with a damaged water line. In some cases, poor water line installation that wasn’t done right the first time can contribute to premature problems with water lines. Freezing and thawing cycles may take a toll on water lines as well, especially if there is a lack of sufficient insulation around areas where water lines are located. Other possible reasons why a water line may become damaged in some way include:

  • Shifting soil under the surface
  • Extreme water pressure changes
  • Natural wear and tear
  • Age – older pipe lines are more susceptible to damage
  • Damage from rodents and other pets
  • Tree-related damage from invasive roots
  • Sudden challenges in temperature
  • Poor soil conditions

Water Line Services from DrainMaster

In addition to prompt, affordable water line repair in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas, DrainMaster is your trusted source for other equally beneficial water line services. With water line replacement and repair, we use innovative trenchless technologies whenever possible. Trenchless methods require no digging, which means more savings and fewer cleanup issues once everything is done.

The first step we take with water line repair is to do a comprehensive camera inspection. A state-of-the-art camera is used to inspect your water lines to determine what the problem is. This allows us to make an accurate diagnosis so we can determine what solutions are appropriate. Our trained technicians can identify many different water line issues, including ones related to small pinhole leaks and larger issues like invasive tree roots.

Trenchless technology can also be used to replace damaged water pipes in a less-invasive way. Because we can often complete repairs, replacements, or installations this way, less machinery is needed. And because fewer labor hours are necessary, you’ll be able to quickly get back to running your business or taking care of your other priorities at home.

Get in Touch With Us Today

For over 20 years, DrainMaster has been providing top-notch water line services in Columbus, OH, and surrounding communities. We have fully trained, expert technicians ready to assess your water lines to determine what actions would likely benefit you. Contact us today to make arrangements for water line installation, repair, or replacement. We also offer 24/7 emergency service. Call us at 614-968-7067 to schedule your appointment.

Sewer Cleaning Drain Master Columbus Ohio

Solve Your Common Plumbing Problems with DrainMaster Ohio

Dealing with plumbing problems in your home or business can seem like a daunting task. However, professionals like DrainMaster are here to help, providing expert service at an economical price point unmatched by our competitors. For nearly a decade, DrainMaster has dedicated itself to solving Ohio’s plumbing problems, one clog at at time. When the time comes for you to choose a plumbing service provider, choose correctly by choosing DrainMaster. Give us a call today!

With DrainMaster, You Can Trust in The Best!

When you enlist the services of DrainMaster, you enlist the services of a wide variety of sewage and drainage professionals that have plied their trade for more than a decade. Their years of collective experience and access to cutting-edge technology allows them to provide plumbing services currently unavailable from other plumbing service providers. With DrainMaster, you can trust in the fact that you will receive a local service marked by a quality of service that you would be proud to receive.

Our Range of Plumbing Services

With DrainMaster, you can call upon a wide variety of plumbing services to match the equally wide variety of persons we are privileged to call customers. At DrainMaster, we are able to provide both residential and commercial plumbing services, including drain and sewer repair, pipe maintenance, hydro-jetting options, remote sewer video inspection services, sump pump installation offerings, water heater repair, and replacement services, and so many others. We are always looking to expand our areas of operation and roster of services, and hope that your next choice for a plumbing service provider will be with us.

When You Think of Plumbing Solutions in Ohio, Think of DrainMaster!

When you think of plumbing solutions in the state of Ohio, think of Drain Master. We have served communities in Ohio for nearly a decade, providing plumbing services and repair offerings that anyone would be proud to receive. Our staff are friendly and have the expert knowledge on hand to answer any questions that you might have. Schedule an appointment by contacting our representatives at the points of contact available on our website. Give us a call today!

Sewer Cleaning Drain Master Columbus Ohio

Why DIY Methods of Drain Cleaning are Bad for Your Pipes

Columbus homeowners may feel tempted to tackle clogged drains with homemade cleaners. However, pouring a concoction of chemicals down your drain may weaken and destroy pipes. DrainMaster never advises tackling drain cleaning without help from professionals.

Forget the Vinegar and Baking Soda Technique

The old-fashion vinegar and baking soda method is actually quite ineffective with helping clogged pipes. On the surface, it may seem that this classic cleaner unclogs stagnant drains. However, pipe lines extend a long ways from the sink. Vinegar and baking soda do not reach deep grime inside the pipes—they only mix into standing pools of water. Where vinegar is acidic, baking soda is a base and counteracts the acid. An even worse tactic is dumping corrosive chemicals down your drain.

Sewer Systems Have a Sensitive Ecosystem

Bacteria aids in breaking down waste and sewer systems house a complex ecosystem of bacteria. So drain cleaners—such as Draino—may harm the natural workings of pipes and lead to dangerous leaks. DrainMaster understands how healthy pipes naturally flush out grime and stop blockages. Taking matters into your own hands can tamper with a sewer’s ecosystem. Sewer system emergencies may occur if a homeowner flushes caustic chemicals into weakened metal pipes. There are also environmental impacts of do-it-yourself drain cleaning.

Drain Cleaners Corrode Sewer System

It may be tempting when visiting a grocery store to buy low costs drain cleaners without checking the labels. Chemicals like hydraulic acid do not clean drains, but stagnate deep within plumbing systems. A common scenario regarding drain cleaners is the homeowners becoming frustrated and dumping more toxic cleaners down their drains. Eventually, these corrosive cleaners will eat away and pipes and even seep into the soil surrounding one’s home. A plumbing specialist uses environmentally safe and results-proven chemical solutions to unclog drains.

There is a lot of nuance and knowledge required with safely unclogging a drain. Instead of trusting hard-to-read labels on drain cleaners, plumbing services do the handy work of selecting the best and safest products. DrainMaster will firstly assess the condition of pipes before forging a plan of action for clogged pipes.

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