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While Drano is a commonly purchased product that is used to clear pipes and drains of clogs, our experts at DrainMaster have found that it can do more harm than good, and isn’t an effective solution for removing clogs.

Why Shouldn’t I Use Drano On My Toilet In Dublin?

Drano can do more damage than it does good for your pipes. Drano uses chemicals in order to relieve clogs and other problems inside your pipes. These chemicals can actually break down what your pipes are made of. If you have cast-iron pipes, Drano can actually corrode and break down your pipes, creating a bigger clog and leaks inside your pipes. PVC pipes and clay pipes face the same problems.

Not only that, but Drano is not a permanent solution. To some extent, no chemical cleaning process will be. There are several alternatives to Drano available for your use and convenience if you’re facing clogging issues in your home or business in Dublin.

What Are The Alternatives To Using Drano To Clean The Drains?

If you’re experiencing issues in your drains, go with a drain cleaning process by DrainMaster. Here at DrainMaster, we’re experienced in the many types of clogs that you could be experiencing and offer different solutions. We’re sure that we can find one that fits your problem the best.

If you’re having drain issues, we offer sewer drain line snaking services and hydro jetting cleaning services. The snake is best suited for simple, one-time drain obstructions; however, hydro jetting is better suited for a difficult situation that requires a thorough solution.

Why Choose DrainMaster To Clean Drains In Dublin?

At DrainMaster, we have been family-run and operated since 1995. Our 100% customer service satisfaction goals set us apart from rival companies and have for two decades now. We’re a team of capable, professional, and qualified technicians and plumbers all available for your needs. We’re able to handle a variety of problems, including drains, crumbling pipes, cast iron pipes, and other issues.

Contact us today at (614) 412-3951 for your drain cleaning service in Dublin.

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