DrainMaster Ohio Sump Pump Installation and Repair

Benefits of Regular Sump Pump Service

Sump pumps protect your home from untimely plumbing mishaps such as major flooding and water damage. At DrainMaster Ohio, we specialize in sump pump equipment that works by pumping out excess water during storms. At DrainMaster Ohio, we can keep your sump pump working in optimal condition to give you utmost peace of mind. Regular sump pump maintenance will bring home and business owners a variety of benefits.

Extend The Life Of Your Sump Pump Equipment

Sump pumps are made to be highly-reliable in the event of flooding. However, when left alone and without the proper maintenance, the likelihood that sump pumps will work during emergencies are reduced. At DrainMaster Ohio, our qualified technicians make sure that the pump has sufficient power throughout the year and that connections are always safe. It is our goal at DrainMaster Ohio to keep your sump pump running efficiently all the times. Your sump pump’s life is extended when properly maintained.

Protect Your Property from Flooding

In the event that your sump pump doesn’t work during rainstorms, excess water can enter the basement and cause all sorts of damage, including the dangers of mold, bacteria and the like. Homeowners can check the pump prior to forecasts of heavy rainfall to protect their property.

Ensure Your Sump Pumps Are Prepared to Quickly Solve Flooding Issues

Sump pumps are considered as emergency systems that must activate each and every time there’s a danger of flooding. From the moment it’s on standby mode up to the point where it’s needed, there are several factors that can affect its performance, including leaks and electrical wiring issues.

Your Local Experts at DrainMaster Ohio Specialize in a Variety of Sump Pump Services!

At DrainMaster Ohio, we can check for problems quickly and efficiently. Regular sump pump maintenance service can prevent huge repair costs and replacements if it breaks down and the resulting water causes flooding and structural damage.

Our professional, licensed technicians can install, repair and maintain all kinds of sump pumps to bring 100% customer satisfaction. In addition, our company offers general inspection and evaluation services for homeowners who are concerned about their pre-installed pumps. We work with our customers to ensure they save money and do not have to deal with the results of harmful flooding damage.

Most Popular Water Heater Brands

At DrainMaster Ohio, we are experts when it comes to water heater brands and their quality. Our team at DrainMaster Ohio is able to repair, replace, and install a variety of water heaters. At DrainMaster, we recommend the following water heater brands as they bring the best value in terms of home comfort and increased efficiency.

Our team at DrainMaster Ohio is able to serivce the following water heater brands with accuracy and precision:

A.O. Smith
A.O. Smith is a household brand that makes boilers, water heaters and storage tanks for residential and commercial purposes. Moreover, the company proudly offers a wide range of high efficiency solar, tankless and hybrid water heaters for all clienteles. A.O. Smith’s products are on the pricier side, but you can be sure that it’s an investment that will last for a long, long time.

General Electric
G.E. is a longstanding brand that makes electric and gas water heaters. Their heater tanks come in many different capacities. There are multiple warranty levels and energy efficient ratings per size as well. More notably, G.E. is the maker of GeoSpring, an electric heat pump sold in the U.S.

Rheem makes electric and gas water heaters for residential homes. The brand sells a wide variety of heaters, including solar, electric, gas and hybrids in tank or tankless variants. Rheem has a reputation for delivering durable water heater units that stand the test of time.

Kenmore water heaters are some of the least expensive ones you can buy today. They’re the perfect choice for consumers who need a new water heater within budget. You can choose between electric, natural gas and hybrid options depending on your needs.

Bradford White Corporation
Bradford White is a water heater company specializing in space heating and water heating for commercial and residential applications in either electric or gas models.

When it comes to tankless models, brands Rheem and Rinnai stand out in the market. Rinnai, in particular is preferred as it features innovative engineering while keeping the consumer’s best interests in mind.

Bosch is one of the leading brands in tankless water heaters. They have a reputation for building sturdy products that are remarkably durable and reliable at the same time. Their flagship is the natural gas tankless heater variant, which is powered by the Smart Bosch Technology, delivering up to 98% in efficiency.


Call Your Ohio Water Heater Experts at DrainMaster Today!
At DrainMaster Ohio, we service a variety of water heater makes and models according to your needs, whether for washing, bathing, cooking, or cleaning. Call our team of friendly experts at DrainMaster Ohio to scheudle a appointment today!

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How Water Line Inspections Work

Even though they are not always visible, your residential, commercial, and municipal water lines are one of the most important aspects of your property which is why it is important to attend to them on a regular basis. Generally, we only notice water line problems when we see visible evidence that they are failing and disrupting our every day tasks. At DrainMaster Ohio, our water line inspection services bring to light hidden issues within your pipe system such as leaks, calcified buildup, and corrosion. When left alone, these small issues become big issues that cause costly repairs later on.

DrainMaster Ohio is an industry leader in innovative line inspection techniques and tools. Our trenchless technology presents very little to no disruption because everything is done above the ground. We invest in the latest equipment, bringing unparalleled inspection services to our customers. In only a few hours we will be able to determine any potential issues and have them fixed before they become major emergencies.

Real-Time Visual Inspection Of Water Lines

Our technicians at DrainMaster Ohio use a high-definition camera to move inside of your pipes via a flexible rod. We also attach a light and a transmitter in order to capture crystal clear real-time footage of your pipe’s interior as the camera moves through your pipe system. As our specialized technicians at DrainMaster will record all imperfections within your pipe system like clogs, breaks, cracks, and bloackages. With years of experience and extensive training, the DrainMaster serving your property can get to any point in your water line system and see even the smallest defects and issues.

Water Line Inspection Increases the Longevity of your Pipes

Over time, water pipes and lines become more vulnerable to rusting, corrosion, damage due to ground movement, pipe pressure, and buildup of minerals. Our comprehensive inspection process takes out the guesswork inherent in traditional pipe inspections. In a reasonable amount of time, we can inspect the whole commercial or residential pipe network and find any problems along the way, including ones that possibly contaminate your water supply.

After camera inspections have been properly conducted, our expert technicians at DrainMaster Ohio can formulate the most effective solution to your drain problems. Video technology is an essential part of repair and replacement services as they guide the tools and equipment to where they need to go. Schedule a water line inspection at least once a year to prevent untimely water line failures and expensive repairs. Take the necessary precautions and stay proactive about your drain health by calling DrainMaster Ohio today.

How To Find Water Leaks In Pressurized & Potable Water Pipes In Ohio

If you live in the Ohio area, DrainMaster Oh is the people to contact if you are in need of repairs, installations, or replacements for water and/or sewer pipes. If you are in possession of a pressurized and/or potable water pipe, you may question how to find a leak in your water pipes if or when a leak may occur.

A leak in a pressurized and/or potable water pipe may occur at any time for any reason. Most reasons leaks occur in these water pipes can be due to normal wear and tear of the pipes, as well as any damages to said water pipes. Leaks can also occur after harsh winters where your water pipes may freeze in the cold, ultimately causing damage and leaks to form. You may suspect that your pressurized and/or portable water pipes have a leak when the water discharged from the pipes have a noticeable change in pressure, as well as a wide range of tell-tell signs that your pipes have a leak.

You can also tell where there’s a leak in your pressurized and/or potable water pipes by checking faucets that are hooked up to it. By noticing the change in pressure between faucets, you can determine where there may be a leak in your water pipes. Leaks also leave behind a noticeable water mark, especially if the water piping is above ground or somewhere you can see if there’s an excessive amount of water pooling around the pipes, ultimately confirming your suspicions of a suspected leak in your water pipes.

The best way to find these water leaks is by contacting a reputable plumbing agency, such DrainMaster Oh if you live in the Ohio area. They offer a free inspection, as well as estimates. These inspections will determine if your water pipes have a leak or not.

If you suspect your pressurized or potable water pipes to have a leak and you live in the Ohio state area, contact DrainMaster Oh to have their professional plumbers inspect your water pipes today.


5 Reasons to Schedule Drain Cleaning Sessions Regularly

When you think of what makes your home or business run effectively on a daily basis, it makes sense that most would think of the people that make up those spaces: family and employees. While those people are essential to how your home or business functions, that only focuses on the exterior of your space. The interior assets that make up your residential or commercial facility are as equally as important as what you see on the surface.

Your drainage system gives you the ability to wash clothes, take a shower, flush toilets, and more. These are small examples, but they are things we take for granted every day, until a problem arises. Clogs and waste buildup in your drains are caused by lack of cleaning and understanding that your drains need regular cleaning like your teeth or car. If drains are neglected a variety of problems can occur that will be an inconvenience to your home or business.

If you’re not convinced on why you should schedule regular drain cleaning sessions, here are five reasons you should:


Cleaning your drains regularly does not have to involve pouring harmful chemicals down them to ensure that the problem will not come back. In fact, liquid chemical drain cleaning solutions are not long-lasting and they are not safe. State-of-the-art trenchless technologies like hydrojetting – a service where high pressure water is pushed through your drain – is environmentally friendly and does not involve the use of harsh chemicals.


Regular drain cleanings allow for your pipes to state in their best shape. This gives technicians the opportunity to monitor the health of your drainage system while make sure that you do not have to deal with any pesky drainage issues.


Drain cleaning on your own does not allow for you to see what is going on deep down inside of your pipes, which means that if you think you have a problem at the surface, you probably have another problem that you can’t see. Ignoring these issues will mean a larger problem will arise costing you more money than you would have to pay if you scheduled regular drain cleanings.


Regularly scheduled drain cleanings are not an all-day event, especially when trenchless technologies like drain snaking or hydro jetting is being used. These services allow technicians to be in and out of your home or business in a jiff!


Drain cleaning on a regular basis ensures that your drains will be reliable for years to come leaving you stress free.

Call DrainMaster Ohio today to schedule regular drain cleanings for your home or business! Be proactive about your drain health, you’ll thank yourself later.

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Top Eco-Friendly Plumber In Bexley?

Here at DrainMaster, we offer one of the most environment-friendly processes to clean your pipes and make it work again.

Traditional Versus Eco-Friendly, Trenchless Repairs

Unlike traditional sewer pipe repairs and replacements, we use trenchless technology. Instead of having to dig up long trenches and get heavy machinery that spouts smoke, we offer a no-dig solution for creating a new pipe within the old pipe. Excavation is a risky affair as some ground contaminants may come up from the ground or the sewer pipes.

Trenchless technology doesn’t uproot the ecology, including plants and nearby trees as there’s virtually zero digging from start to finish. Landscape reconstruction is a thing of the past. Each step has a much lower carbon footprint as compared to conventional plumbing inspections and repairs. The fewer resources needed to complete a pipe repair the better it is for our earth. Pollution, waste and energy costs are all reduced.

DrainMaster technicians conduct a thorough video camera inspection using a flexible fiber optic line that has a high-end CCTV camera attached at the end. Without ever digging, this contraption can reach any point of your sewer system.

How We Clean & Fix Sewer & Water Pipes Without Digging Trenches

For cleaning, our professional technicians use a special nozzle attached to a hose for water jetting and power-washing purposes. Instead of damaging chemical cleaners or snakes and augers, we use the cleaning power of water to unclog your pipes and restore original flow.

At DrainMaster, we use trenchless repair by inserting a felt liner coated with an epoxy resin into the ailing pipe. The epoxy is blown using hot air or water and sticks to the inside circumference of the old pipe, forming a new one in the process. Our technicians only need one or two small access points to complete the repair. What’s more, all the materials used are non-toxic and chemical resistant.

Call DrainMaster For The Best, Green Solutions in Bexley Ohio

When you need the most eco-friendly plumber in Bexley, Call DrainMaster. We’ll be there on time and ready to fix your plumbing issues.


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Why Our Sewer Cleaning Services Are Quick

An issue with your residential sewer system can quickly turn your entire life into chaos. You need to get in touch with a contractor as quickly as possible to find out how fast they can be out to assess the damage. You also need to find out how long the process is going to take once the crew is at the location. It seems that the most crucial factor we depend on when it comes to sewer system emergencies is time. And that’s one of the reasons why our sewer cleaning services here at Drain Master Ohio are quick and efficient.

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Signs of a Gas Line Leak

Many homes throughout the country rely on natural gas for stoves, heaters, and general appliances. Homeowners in Columbus, OH should always be cognizant of a potential gas line leak. Why? Because it can be one of the most dangerous plumbing emergencies possible. As you know, gas is harmful to your health and can ignite explosions and fires within your home. For gas line repair and replacement, call Drain Master at (614) 276-1510. Meanwhile, check out these signs of a gas line leak:

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