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A clog can happen at any time and they are usually easily fixed with a plunger or other do-it-yourself solution. However, a clog in your main sewer line can cause backups in multiple fixtures at once and even lead to an overflowing toilet or other fixture. An overflowing sewer line is a health hazard and can cause property damage, so let us fix your drain backup as soon as you suspect a problem. Our team at DrainMaster can provide you with helpful solutions can keep your plumbing system running smoothly.

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Causes of Drain Backups

There are many causes of obstructions in your pipes. Some of them are unavoidable while others stem from misuse of your drains. Do not use your sinks and toilets as a trash can – keep excessive paper products, cleaning wipes, feminine hygiene products, and food out of your plumbing system. These materials can build up in your pipes and cause a backup in one or more fixtures.

There are many other environmental factors that are out of your control that can lead to a blockage. Over time scale buildup, sediment, or other stubborn materials will cling to the sides of your pipe and are difficult to remove. The diameter of your pipe will get gradually smaller, eventually resulting in plumbing difficulties. Alternatively, tree roots can invade your pipes in search of water and nutrients.

No matter the cause of your backup, DrainMaster can help you with a variety of services.

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Your Drain Backup Solutions

Our helpful technician will start with an inspection to identify the source of the problem. The location and severity of the obstruction in your pipes will determine the best solution. DrainMaster offers many options for your drain backup, including:

  • Drain Cleaning
    • We can descale cast iron pipes or clear other obstructions with Hydro Jetting. Both methods are environmentally friendly and do not require the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Pipe Repair or Replacement
    • Our skilled technicians can perform excavations when necessary. Excavation allows direct access to your pipe for specific and accurate repairs.
  • Trenchless Repairs
    • Modern techniques allow us to repair or replace your pipe without any digging whatsoever. The entire process can be completed from a nearby access point to prevent any further property damage or extensive cleanup.
  • Fixture Repair or Replacement
    • At DrainMaster, we don’t just fix your pipes. We can also repair your current fixtures or install new ones, including garbage disposals, sinks, toilets, faucets, and more.

When your drains are backing up, we can help you from start to finish. Our wide range of services will help from the first inspection to the last repair for high quality, efficient results.

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Advantages of Drain Cleaning with DrainMaster

We’ve been serving Ohio for over 20 years combining our years of experience with modern technology to bring you the best drain cleaning and pipe repair services in the area. We service the areas of Columbus, Westerville, Grandview Heights, Upper Arlington, Shawneed, Dublin, Powell, Hilliard, or Gahanna, Ohio. Our technicians are experts in their field and are committed to honest repairs without hidden fees. We will show up on time and fix your drain backup with minimal impact to your property. Contact us to get started with a consultation or inspection.

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