Drain Snaking Should Only Be Done by Pros

When you’re faced with a clogged drain in Grove City, OH, the best thing to do is contact a professional from DrainMaster. Plumbers are trained to tackle everything from the smallest of clogs to broken sewer line repairs and replacement. Snaking your own drain can lead to disastrous and dangerous consequences.

Types of Drain Cleaning Methods

There’s more than one way to unclog a drain, but there are often unseen impacts inexperienced people don’t consider when they take the DIY route. Our drain cleaning company in Grove City, OH, can step in and remedy any of your problems with ease, sparing you the stress, cost, and hassle of trying to make repairs on your own.

While it certainly helps to know your away around the basic structure of your sink or shower, drain snaking can be more complex than meets the eye. If you’re ever in need of drain cleaning in Grove City OH, don’t forget to reach out to DrainMaster Ohio.

Store-bought Drain Cleaners

There are plenty of chemical products you can buy for under $20 that will help break down any hair or dirt that’s collected in your drains, but this comes with a price. The types of chemicals found in drain cleaners are horrific on your plumbing, often eroding the interior of your pipes and stripping them of their protective layers. This makes your entire line more likely to leak or even break entirely later.

Drain cleaners are also health hazards; in addition to breathing in their fumes, they pose a risk to children and pets who may unintentionally digest them. Be sure to contact a plumber in Grove City, OH, from DrainMaster Ohio.

Hydro Jetting

Instead of snaking, one of the popular drain cleaning services in Grove City, OH, is hydro jetting. This process involves flushing dirt and clogs from a pipe using a high-powered water stream. In addition to removing any blockages, hydro jetting also wipes the interior of your pipes clean from years of use.


When anything gets lodged in a pipe, big or small, snaking is the go-to plumbing solution. A professional plumber has the right tools to remove any clogs without damaging the actual pipe. When someone who isn’t trained in plumbing tries to snake a pipe on their own, they may wind up forcing the clog deeper into the plumbing or causing a leak.

If you need drain snaking in Grove City, OH, contact DrainMaster Ohio today. We’ll come out right away and come up with a plan to unclog your drains quickly so you can get back to business as usual.

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