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Sewer repair is a process that is often met with hesitance and dread by homeowners and business owners. Fortunately, sewer repairs have moved away from being inconvenient and time-consuming like before. In fact, not only are the new standards for sewer repairs much kinder on your wallet, but they also are much easier to deal with because the process is streamlined and less-invasive. Thanks to trenchless sewer repair options, professionals like our team at Drain Master are now able to tackle your sewer repair needs fast than ever and with as little work as possible.

The 5 Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repairs

  1. Trenchless means no holes and no digging. Everything is done internally, eliminating the need for large excavation processes and ruining your property in the blink of an eye.
  2. Not only are these processes easier, but they produce just as good or better than results than the traditional way of doing things. With a full sewer repair, your sewer system is guaranteed upwards of 50 plus years of reliability.
  3. Save money now by eliminating the heavy labor activities of excavations. Also, you can save money in the future by eliminating the need to constantly call a professional for the same issues that happen over and over, such as clogs and backups.
  4. We are able to get this process done in as little as one day! Forget the week-long projects of the past. We can repair your entire system while you’re away at work, rather than taking several weeks to finish.
  5. Since we are able to avoid digging, we leave your property the same way we found it, avoiding the need for restoration costs to be added. It’s as if we were never there except now you have a cleaner, better working sewer system to support your home’s needs.

If you are in the Westerville, Ohio, area, and would like to see if you’re a candidate for trenchless sewer repair options, give Drain Master a call today. There are so many trenchless options that we are sure to be able to accommodate your needs with as little hassle as possible.

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