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Many Columbus homeowners used to associate calling the plumber with huge-scale plumbing emergencies. So when the drain slowed down a little, or when they needed to be unclogged, residents usually reached for the plunger, a liquid drain cleaner, or a snaking tool.

Little did they know that sometimes these drain clearing tools do more harm than good. For instance, using a coat hanger as a snake could lead to a pipe with a hole or pushing down the clogged material even further down. Chemical drain cleaning products usually contain corrosive substances that accelerate deterioration. If it’s a solid blockage comprised of paper, hair, or food, such as bone, liquid cleaners will be ineffective. Fortunately, drain cleaning methods have become more advanced and reliable over the years.

The Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning System At DrainMaster

At DrainMaster, we have technicians that could clear out your clogged pipes using relatively new technology and equipment called Hydro Jetting. Hydro Jetting is an innovative plumbing solution that changes the way drains are cleaned. It was invented by professional drain cleaners, sewer technicians, and plumbers, then tested multiple times in different plumbing scenarios to gauge its effectivity in the field. The result? A faster, cleaner result that only takes up a fraction of your time as compared to conventional cleaning methods. Hydro Jetting is man’s best friend when the drains start acting up and throwing all kinds of debris.

At DrainMaster we utilize this new technology to resolve our customer’s drain issues in a timely manner. The equipment itself is lightweight so it’s easy to transport to job sites in our vans. Moreover, Hydro Jetting uses water, which makes it safer than any drain cleaning machine in existence. Rest assured that any drain problem is resolved, even the most stubborn ones. The good thing is that your plumbing issue goes away and it doesn’t come back for a long time.

We Are Committed To Thorough Cleanings

Here at DrainMaster, we specialize in clearing out drain pipes that have been invaded by nearby tree roots seeking nourishment. Accumulated sludge, food materials, calcified matter, grease, hair, and dust are washed away to the nearest municipal treatment center. Hydro Jetting attacks tree roots and breaks them down into manageable chunks that wash away easily out your pipeline. The inner walls become smoother and flow is restored as if its new. Moreover, the hydro jetting equipment is very portable and can fit almost anywhere and in small gaps, such as basement windows and manholes.

At DrainMaster we’re always on the lookout for new technology to help us service our clients better. Hydro Jetting is one of the newest additions we’ve had for clearing out drain problems in record time. The technology is small enough that it can be transported and used on any property, whether it be your home, office, business establishment or industrial site. Instead of having to wait days our drain cleaning services only take a few hours to be completed.

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