Does your bathroom have a foul, lingering odor? There are many different things that can cause this, as well as many ways you can fix it. Today we will discuss a few things that can improve the odor of your bathroom.

Increase the Ventilation

While your bathroom may already have a window or a vent fan, it also may not! A vent fan is a great way to ventilate the bathroom of both moisture and odors. Windows can offer similar effects, but only if the weather is nice.

Add House Plants

House plants, such as ferns, are excellent bathroom plants, as they keep the room from staying too humid. Humidity in an enclosed space like your bathroom can lead to smelly mold and mildew.


This one should go without saying, but thoroughly cleaning your bathroom will keep most odors at bay. Cleaners such as baking soda and lemon juice mixtures are environmentally safe, as well as a great way to clean. Adding vinegar can help you get an extra clean affect. Be sure to clean areas you don’t see, such as the underside exterior of the toilet bowl, and the ledge underneath your cabinets as well.

Additional Tips

There are other things that can help you keep your bathroom free from odors, such as closing the toilet lid before flushing, and regularly cleaning out he trash. Also make sure that all of your sinks, tubs, and shower are properly sealed, and missing bits of caulk create holes that mold and mildew love. Furthermore, keep an eye out for leaks, and remember to wash your curtains from time to time, as they can hold in foul odors!

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