Toilets are one of the best plumbing devices our homes have. We use them every single day, which is why it’s important to have a fully functioning toilet. However, there will be times when a new toilet replacement is necessary, but you are unsure when you need one. Below are ways to tell when your bathroom needs a new toilet replacement.

Frequent Clogs

While toilet clogs are pretty common, it is not common to have persistent clogs. It might seem fine to continue to pay for repairs, but those repairs can add up and invest in a new toilet could actually cost less than repairs.

Too Many Repairs

A new toilet replacement is essential if you keep having to repair the toilet. You may be paying for repairs on the valve or the flapper is broken, either way, constant repairs tend to cost more than replacements in the long run.

The Porcelain Is Cracked

Cracks on the bowl or tank may seem like an aesthetic problem, but it is more than just a cosmetic problem. Cracks that show up can cause leaks. Getting a new toilet replacement is key if you want to prevent your whole bathroom from flooding.

An Unsteady Toilet

If you sit down on your toilet and it rocks back and forth, you have a problem. The toilet should be structurally sound and not move when you sit on it. It might be due to a loose washer, but if that’s not the care, a new toilet replacement might be worth it.

If you need a toilet replacement or repair in Columbus, OH, call Drain Master today at (614) 276-1510.

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