Faucet leaks can be a very annoying issue. Not only can it cause noise disturbances, it can also rank up the water bill. But why exactly does a faucet leak in the first place? Here are four reasons you have a leaky faucet.

The O-Ring in the Faucet Is Broken

What exactly is an O-ring? An O-ring is a disk that is installed in the handle to provide a waterproof seal. When the O-ring becomes damaged due to regular use, it can cause the faucet handle to leak. Replacing the O-ring should stop the leaking in the handle.

The Washer Is Worn Out

Washers are commonly found in compression faucets and are one of the most common leaky faucet culprits. There is frequent friction between the washer and valve set, which in turn causes the washer to wear out and produce leaking in the spout. Washers can be replaced to prevent a leaky faucet.

Cartridge Is Broken

The cartridge is important because it regulates water flow and temperature. Damage usually occurs because of normal wear and tear. The whole cartridge will have to be replaced to prevent a leaky faucet, but it’s an inexpensive repair.

Broken Pipes Cause Leaky Faucets

It can be an uncommon problem, but a very serious one. Broken pipes can create cracks which lead to leaking. Calling a professional as soon as possible will ensure the problem doesn’t become worse.

If you need faucet repairs or require plumbing maintenance in Columbus, OH, call the Drain Masters at (614) 276-1510 for professional plumbing services!

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