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DrainMaster uses advanced technology to evaluate and address low water pressure in your home. There are several reasons your water pressure may dip, so call a certified Ohio plumber to determine the cause. Low water pressure can cause water waste as it takes longer to perform even basic tasks like washing the dishes or showering. Our technicians will inspect different areas of your home to determine why you have low water pressure. We service Columbus, Hilliard, Gahanna, Westerville, Dublin, Powell, Grandview Heights, Upper Arlington, and Shawnee Hills, Ohio.

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Reasons For Low Water Pressure

Plumbing issues can be complex, which is why it’s a good idea to hire a professional before changing or attempting to fix anything yourself. Low water pressure is one of the most common problems we see throughout Columbus and beyond. There are a number of possibilities for water pressure loss.

  • Old Pipes: Debris can become lodged in older pipes, especially as corrosion sets in. Pieces of rust are common in old iron pipes and can inhibit the flow of water. Because these pipes corrode from the inside, it’s impossible for you to recognize without a camera inspection. Our technicians can use a high-quality camera to view the inner linings of your pipe to determine if corrosion is the problem.
  • Faulty Pressure Regulator: A pressure regulator is a brass or bronze bell-shaped piece that connects to the pipes outside of your home. If the regulator fails, all of the faucets in your home could experience low water pressure. Hire a professional plumber to evaluate and replace this piece. Trying a DIY job on the pressure regulator could create more damage in the end.
  • Clogged Pipe: If you notice a sudden change in your water pressure, a clogged water pipe may be the issue. A licensed plumber can determine if a clog is present, but never try to remove debris or a clog yourself. It’s possible to contaminate your drinking water if done incorrectly.
  • Mineral Buildup: Over time, mineral buildup can cause faucets and shower heads to become clogged. If the change in your water pressure has occurred over time, ongoing buildup may be the cause. Have an Ohio plumber determine if hard water is causing the issue.

While these are some of the most common reasons for low water pressure, each situation is unique. An inspection from the friendly team at DrainMaster can help you determine the cause of your problem.

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Fix Low Water Pressure

In order to make the correct repairs, our team will perform a camera inspection, check the water valves, and test your pressure regulator. By checking each aspect of your plumbing, our team will fix the problem the first time.

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Call us today if you’re experiencing low water pressure in your home or business. Our professional plumbers will inspect your plumbing system to discover the source of the problem. We are respectful of your time and property and will address any questions you have about the inspection and repair process. Contact DrainMaster today schedule an appointment.

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