To understand why you might need water line repair in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas from a trusted company like DrainMaster, it can be helpful to know what typically causes water line damage. Pipes that burst or leak are among the main culprits associated with damaged water lines. Rust and corrosion and deeper clogs can be factors as well, as can issues with invasive trees or critters. Contacting our skilled team ASAP is best as we can take care of the problem with water line replacement or repair. We rely on effective techniques that are designed to solve many common water line issues without the need for digging or damage to your landscape.

What Causes a Damaged Water Line

You will want to minimize issues with a damaged water line. In some cases, poor water line installation that wasn’t done right the first time can contribute to premature problems with water lines. Freezing and thawing cycles may take a toll on water lines as well, especially if there is a lack of sufficient insulation around areas where water lines are located. Other possible reasons why a water line may become damaged in some way include:

  • Shifting soil under the surface
  • Extreme water pressure changes
  • Natural wear and tear
  • Age – older pipe lines are more susceptible to damage
  • Damage from rodents and other pets
  • Tree-related damage from invasive roots
  • Sudden challenges in temperature
  • Poor soil conditions

Water Line Services from DrainMaster

In addition to prompt, affordable water line repair in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas, DrainMaster is your trusted source for other equally beneficial water line services. With water line replacement and repair, we use innovative trenchless technologies whenever possible. Trenchless methods require no digging, which means more savings and fewer cleanup issues once everything is done.

The first step we take with water line repair is to do a comprehensive camera inspection. A state-of-the-art camera is used to inspect your water lines to determine what the problem is. This allows us to make an accurate diagnosis so we can determine what solutions are appropriate. Our trained technicians can identify many different water line issues, including ones related to small pinhole leaks and larger issues like invasive tree roots.

Trenchless technology can also be used to replace damaged water pipes in a less-invasive way. Because we can often complete repairs, replacements, or installations this way, less machinery is needed. And because fewer labor hours are necessary, you’ll be able to quickly get back to running your business or taking care of your other priorities at home.

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For over 20 years, DrainMaster has been providing top-notch water line services in Columbus, OH, and surrounding communities. We have fully trained, expert technicians ready to assess your water lines to determine what actions would likely benefit you. Contact us today to make arrangements for water line installation, repair, or replacement. We also offer 24/7 emergency service. Call us at 614-968-7067 to schedule your appointment.

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