A delicious dinner can be detrimental to your kitchen drain because some foods are prone to clogging up sinks. In order to avoid any plumbing problems, check out these tips on how to dispose of food properly.

Garbage Disposal Don’ts

The garbage disposal is a tool that is used to grind up food into smaller pieces in order to form a mushy mixture that is then carried by water through the pipes. It’s important to make sure that the disposal is running before you put food into it. Don’t wait until it’s full before turning it on, otherwise you run the risk of jamming the disposal. Also make sure to run cold water through the disposal to prevent the motor from overheating.

Best Foods to Dispose of in Trash Can

Hard foods such as bones and fruit pits, as well as poultry skin should be put in the trash can. They do not belong in the disposal. Also, dispose of starchy foods such as dressing, rice, or pasta in the garbage too.

Rice, pasta, and other starchy side dishes expand with water, which can block the flow of water through the drains. You should also never pour fats or cooking oils down the drains because they typically solidify in the pipes. And last but not least, avoid putting stringy, starchy or fibrous waste in the garbage disposal. This includes poultry skins, celery, and fruit and potato peels, since these things can not be sufficiently broken down. Because they can’t be broken down, they can jam and even break the disposal.

Best Foods to Use For Composting

You can create your own garden fertilizer by combining certain foods with wood chips, lawn clippings, and even hair to create an organic compost. Collect certain scrap foods and dispose of in a larger bin outside. This way you can prevent any potential damage to your garbage disposal and drain blockage.

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