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At DrainMaster, we provide comprehensive plumbing services in Columbus, OH, including repairs, replacements, and maintenance for residential and commercial properties alike. Trying to unblock or clear away a drain clog yourself can lead to more than failure. An unlicensed plumber or homeowner can mean well in trying to solve a problem with their pipe system or water flow, but ultimately cause much more damage if harmful, acidic or corrosive chemicals are poured down the drain. This can result in damaged piping, temporary solutions which mask much bigger problems, the unnecessary loss of money and the unnecessary gain of headaches. Save yourself on both and call a professional, licensed plumber the same day you notice an issue with your water system. We respond quickly and will repair your plumbing system or plumbing fixtures in a timely manner. Call us now at (614) 276-1510.

Full Plumbing and Maintenance Services

A few of our main plumbing installation, repair and maintenance services include:

Tips On Basic Plumbing Care

A clogged drain is easily preventable, yet so few homeowners and business owners think of taking basic preventative measures in lowering the chance of developing a clog or avoiding blockages altogether. Keep your pipes clear with just a few extra steps!

  • Avoid pouring any oils or grease down your drains altogether. These substances congeal quickly within water drains and clog pipe systems regularly.
  • Once a week, pour hot or boiling water down your drains. It will take off a lot of the accumulating residue which collects along the sides of pipes.
  • Throw away food scraps from bowls and plates into the trash can whenever possible, and run hot water for a minute or so after using your garbage disposal.
  • Using plugs or screens in shower and sink drains will catch a lot of the more typical substances which block drains regularly.

Making these measures into the same habits you use to regularly clean your home or carry out chores will make clogs much less likely to occur and make your life much easier. You need to take care of your property just as you take care of yourself. Avoiding harmful chemicals, taking into account the state of the indoor environment, and keeping healthy habits always improves the condition of your property’s plumbing in Columbus, OH!

On-site plumbing services, including maintenance, repairs, installations, and replacements, are available at your convenience from the experts you can trust. Call DrainMaster today and we will make an appointment for a visit from a licensed plumber at your convenience.

The DrainMaster technicians know how to handle any size and shape of problem, including sewer line services, drain system care and water line solutions.

Licensed, Experienced, and Fast!

Is your kitchen or bathroom sink draining slowly? Do you frequently find yourself standing in an inch or more of water while you take a shower? Is your garbage disposal fighting to drain any water? Our Drain Taming plumbers will make your bathroom sink quit gurgling and stop your bathtub from collecting stagnant water instead of draining!

Our licensed plumbing repair technicians not only provide general repairs and specialty installation services but also preventative maintenance so that we can catch your plumbing problems early on before they become full-blown disasters.

If you have already reached the full-blown disaster stage, don’t despair! Our emergency service plumbers in Columbus, OH will assist you in a timely manner and help you stop further damage and restore what has already been damaged back to its original state. Burst or broken pipe, failing sump pump or backflow, even flooding from overflow; we can help you today! Contact DrainMaster today at (614) 276-1510 for comprehensive plumbing repair services throughout Columbus, OH.

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