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Got a leaky faucet? Is your sink’s drain chronically clogged? Whatever issue you’re dealing with, our plumbing company is here to repair the issue! Not only can we fix clogged drains — we even offer emergency drain cleaning — but we can also address faucet leaks and those under sinks as well. Plus, the pipes in sinks and throughout homes are subject to scale buildup due to Ohio’s mineral-heavy hard water. We offer pipe descaling services to help improve the entire plumbing system by removing the buildup. Need a sink repair in Columbus, OH? Call DrainMaster Ohio at 614-276-1510 today!

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Kitchen Sink Repair

True to our name, DrainMaster can take care of any kitchen drain issues you may be having. Our professionals can fix garbage disposals if yours is no longer working due to a clog or foreign object. We can also perform a camera inspection to determine the cause of other drain problems in order to fix them the right way!

Our pros don’t just deal with drain problems. We can also repair faucets and those pesky leaks that happen so often underneath kitchen sinks. Our pros can even perform a preventative maintenance inspection to make sure your kitchen sink, as well as your entire home, has a well-working plumbing system!

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Bathroom Sink Repair

Bathroom sinks take a lot of strain after years of use. Hair, toothpaste, soap and more can cause an accumulation of grime and slow drains. Luckily, your local drain experts are here to keep your bathroom sink draining well on all fronts! If your faucet is leaking or you notice low water pressure, we can identify the problem and fix it. Plus, we can repair leaks under bathroom sinks to prevent pests, water damage, and mold. Whatever your needs, our experts are here to assist!

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Whether you have a clog, a leak or a malfunctioning faucet, you can count on the experts at our company to handle the job! We have over 20 years of experience in the residential plumbing industry. Call us at 614-276-1510 now for your sink repair in Columbus, OH!

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