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With the potential problem of controling stormwater looming in Columbus Ohio, we advise residents and homeowners to schedule a regular drain inspection. It’s always best to ensure that your sewer pipes are in the best condition to avoid unpleasant surprises. Especially when there is a problem lurking around the corner. At DrainMaster, we offer drain inspection services to make sure your drain pipes are in the best condition possible.

What happens in a drain inspection?

A drain inspection is done using a CCTV (Close caption TV) video camera. Our plumbers insert the camera into your drain pipes through access points like floor drains and roof water leaders. This camera is attached to a TV monitor.

Once the camera is inside the drain pipe, it records and transmits a video to the TV monitor. A transmitter is also attached to the camera. So, when our plumbers detect a problem, the transmitter is able to pinpoint its exact location. Using this information, we can accurately analyze and present the best solution for all kinds of drain problems.

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Why Do I need a Drain Inspection?

Avoid Emergencies

If you have been avoiding a drain inspection, you never know what’s lurking inside your drain pipes. Your pipes might be rotting from the inside while you are making plans for a bathroom renovation. You might wake up one day to a flooded bathroom with little knowledge of how to approach the issue. That can be a nightmare. Dealing with an emergency can take more time and money than scheduling regular drain inspection.

Save Money

Most homeowners aren’t aware of the fact that they responsible for their sewer line maintenance from their drains to the city main sewer line. An emergency can cause extensive property damage leading to sewer costs in the thousands. Your insurance company may pay for the restoration and cleanup charges, but you will be paying for the entire repair and replacement job. This can cost you thousands of dollars.

Also, when you know there is a problem, you don’t have to spend money on plumbers guessing the problem source. A drain inspection shows you exactly what the problem is with the pipes and how to correct it. A drain camera is able to pick up the following problems:

  • Root intrusions into the sewer pipes through cracks or shifts.
  • Debris blocking the water flow in your sewage pipes.
  • Physical damage to your drain pipes including cracks, corrosion, and shifts.

Plan Remodeling

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, it’s best to know if your drains can take the extra load. Drain inspection will allow plumbers to view the inside of your drains. You might only need a drain cleaning, but sometimes sewer pipes require extra structural strength. It’s best to know this beforehand to avoid redoing the entire renovation again.

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