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Drains and sewers are usually taken for granted. Even though they play a critical part in every home’s plumbing system, the sewer pipes are only taken care of once they start to fail, and this is a mistake that could easily be avoided.

Regular sewer cleaning can prevent clogs from happening, but if the problem has already appeared, having the sewer cleared out should be done as soon as possible. Sewage does not only smell bad but contains harmful bacteria that could easily make your children and pets sick. A clog in the sewer line could cause the sewage to back up into the house, creating a hazardous environment for your family.

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How do sewer lines get clogged?

The most common source of clogs and obstructions in the sewer lines in Ohio are tree roots, and Columbus is no exception. While those maples and birch trees might look fantastic in your garden, their roots can create havoc in the sewer pipes. As the roots extend in all directions looking for water, once they bump into the sewer line they can enter it through any hole, crack, or even a joint and keep growing inside of it. These roots will create a dense mat that slows down the water flow, and if they continue to grow they can burst the pipe, which will then need to be replaced.

Another reason sewer pipes can get clogged is by grease and food debris that are sent through the kitchen drain. As the oil cools down and solidifies, it sticks to the sewer line walls, trapping any debris that passes by and building up until it obstructs the pipe completely.

Can I clean the sewer myself?

You might be a DIY kind of person who thinks that sewer cleaning is an easy task and try to do it on your own, but there are many reasons why you shouldn’t. As discussed previously, sewage can make you sick. It is also challenging to find the exact location of a clog without the proper tools, and you must be careful when working with older or damaged pipes. So, the next time you need a sewer cleaning in Columbus, Ohio, the DrainMaster cleaning specialists are ready to help.

How we do it

To locate the source of the problem we first do a video inspection of the sewer line. Once the problematic area has been found, we insert a hose with a special nozzle into the pipes. Water is then pumped at high pressure, and the clog is flushed away. This technique, known as hydro jet cleaning, not only removes the clog but also clears the pipe from any debris stuck to it, preventing future blockages from happening. It is so powerful that it can even get rid of tree roots, and grease and oils are emulsified and completely removed.

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We know that a sewer issue can happen at any time, so whenever disaster strikes we are just one phone call away. 24-hour emergency drain cleaning service is available whenever you need it; just dial (614) 276-1510 and our licensed plumbing technicians will make sure your problem is quickly solved.

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