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Sewer Line Repair in Columbus, Ohio

Your Columbus, Ohio sewer lines play an important role in your home that is sometimes forgotten until something goes wrong. These lines are responsible for ridding your home of wastewater. When you wash your dishes, take your showers and baths, wash your clothes, or prepare your food, the sewer and drain system carries away all the excess water as well as the waste and dirt that go along with it. Which is why it is so convenient when there is a sewer line malfunction. When your toilet is clogged, it prevents you and your family from using it until it’s fixed. When the bathtub is backed up, your shower routine may be put on hold. What’s even worse about these problems is when they happen over and over again. Do your pipes constantly clog? Are there leaks or have you had multiple sewer fixes over the past few months, all due to similar issues?

If so, it might be time for a sewer line repair. Don’t let your pipes become a constant impediment to your day-to-day routines. For residents and business owners of the Columbus, OH area, DrainMaster Ohio has the knowledge and equipment to completely repair your sewer line using trenchless, no-dig technologies.

What is sewer line repair?

As a professional plumber in Columbus, OH, DrainMaster offers many services such as sewer line repairs.  Sewer line repairs involve the relining of your system with a durable epoxy liner pushed through, inflated, and molded to your pre-existing pipes’ interior walls. This liner is durable enough to last upwards of 50 plus years, acting as a brand new pipe within the old one. The best part of this is that it’s all done internally with minimal to no digging required, but producing the same incredible outcomes as the traditional method.

Sewer Line Repairs Columbus, OH

Any work to pipes traditionally would require direct access to your system. This means of course digging up the ground above it to access the pipes directly. Whether it was an inspection, repair, or replacement, plumbers were forced to access the pipes in this manner. Now , thanks to trenchless technologies, we are able to handle all fixes, inspections, cleanings, repairs, and replacements without disrupting your property.

Sewer line repairs are much easier on the environment than the traditional form was. Trenchless eliminates the need to dig, preserving your yard and garden. Because of this, you won’t waste your energy replanting your grass, bushes, or flowers or repaving your drive after plumbing work. Trenchless sewer line repairs also removes the need for the heavy machinery that is necessary for excavations. Dump trucks, backhoes, and tractors are common for total excavations and replacements. These machines pollute the air and create additional work for you post-sewer repair.

Sewer line repairs also allow Columbus businesses and residents to save time and money. With the elimination of the heavy machinery, large staff, and the increased amount of time it takes, we’re able to cut costs as we cut the need for resources. This is a great incentive to selecting this method, and makes it an easy choice for treating your pipes.

If you’re considering a sewer line repair, need an inspection to see if you’re a candidate, or want to find out more about these options, call DrainMaster Ohio of Columbus today!

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