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Property excavations and external inspections are no longer a required component of sewer line inspection and repair services. At DrainMaster, we service the Gahanna area with our non-invasive, eco-friendly processes, and our sewer camera inspections allow our services to be effective and precise.

At DrainMaster, our qualified technicians are trained to quickly identify the cause of sewer line breakdowns and malfunctions through our sewer camera inspections. Our technicians simply require a small access point, either one that our technicians dig to a pipe connection, or an existing access point like a cleanout or manhole, where we can insert the camera. This prevents the need for extensive digging and ensures that your property remains unaffected by our work. The cameras we use are of the highest-quality, resisting water and capturing crisp, clear footage of the inside of your pipes. The camera is navigated through the pipelines with a fiber optic cable, allowing it to pass through bends and curves with ease and expose problems no matter where they may be located.

These inspections allow us to gain an inside look at the quality and conditions of your pipelines, and with this internal view of the pipes, we can assess the condition of the pipes based on any damage found inside of them as well as the presence of clogs and waste accumulation along the walls. In addition, smaller problems such as cracks, leaks, and corrosion are exposed as well, ensuring that the entire pipeline is thoroughly inspected. By taking into account the age of the sewer lines and the level of damage, we can determine what the ideal solution will be for fixing your pipelines effectively. Due to the accuracy of our inspections and the benefits they offer, our services are particularly effective for analyzing the sewer systems found in older homes as well as new homes prior to a purchase, ensuring that there are no problems festering that may require expensive repairs later on.

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At DrainMaster, we are proud to offer our sewer camera inspection services for customers who are in dire need of fast repairs, but also for customers who are interested in having their lines inspected and maintained regularly. With our sewer camera inspections being non-invasive and easy to employ, we are able to conduct these inspections on an annual basis. With this proactive care of your pipes, we will be able to identify problems before they become expensive accidents, saving you money in the long-run while maintaining the quality of your pipelines.

Sewer camera inspections are capable of exposing problems attributed to external factors as well as internal ones, making the diagnosis comprehensive and reliable. Because of this, our clients in Gahanna have nothing to worry about and can trust in our experts to find the problems, no matter how big or small, accurately and offer the best solutions for fixing them with the latest equipment and technology. When you call DrainMaster, you’re calling a team of professionals who know how to thoroughly inspect and repair a sewer line the first time.

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