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At DrainMaster, we’re dedicated to providing excellent service to the people who live and work in Grandview Heights, OH. To that end, we carefully choose only the most experienced and skills professional technicians to work with. We make sure that every person we associate our company with is certified according to industry standards, and that they also meet our own standards of service. Our technicians are trained to use the tools that are safe for the environment and your property, and they are able to respond quickly to any request. They are thorough and methodical, which is exactly the kind of people you want when it comes to cleaning the sewer lines on your property.

Many people neglect their sewer lines until it’s too late. At DrainMaster, we understand this and we know that sewer cleaning can be a hassle for our clients. We also know that it often comes with a high price tag, which is one of the many reasons why people postpone sewer cleaning until it becomes absolutely necessary. We do our part by making our services affordable and available, and by keeping with high standards of quality.

When you call DrainMaster to clean your sewer line, you can expect fully trained and experienced professionals to knock on your door within an hour or two. They will come with the equipment they need to ensure that your sewer is fully-functioning in no time. But before they start cleaning it, they first need to determine the extent and the cause of the problem.

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It’s easy to imagine why a sewer line would get blocked. After all, residents of Grandview Heights use their sewer lines just like residents of any other town in the world — to flush away waste. And while the buildup of often unflushable waste is one of the main reasons why sewer lines need cleaning, it might not be the only one. Sewer lines that run under your property are susceptible to damage from roots. Roots can puncture the line and grow inside of it until they form a partial or full blockage. This is why our professional technicians always start with an inspection — they need to know what they’re dealing with before they decide how to proceed.

Once our team determines what caused the problems with your sewer line, they’ll be able to recommend the best way of fixing it. Usually, that means using Hydro Jetting equipment to completely clean the walls of the sewer line and blast away any type of blockage that might have formed. In the hands of our professional technicians, Hydro Jetting is a safe procedure that doesn’t have a negative impact on the sewer line or the environment.

Our professional technicians are also capable of dealing with other problems that might have damaged your sewer line. They can remove the roots that have compromised the integrity of the line and use a trenchless method to fix the leak and bring your sewer line back into a fully operational state. With all the experience they’ve gained through years of keeping sewer lines in Grandview Heights, OH clean, there’s almost nothing our technicians can’t do. If you want to see for yourself, call us!

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