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Total sewer repairs and replacements can be a hefty investment for any family or business owner. While they need to eventually be done at some point, there are ways to prevent having to get the work done prematurely, allowing you to get the longest possible lifespan out of your pipes. Preventative sewer maintenance is a critical component to ensuring this happens, but how do you know if and when it is time for a replacement? And how can you tell what issues lie within your sewer system without having to have a professional dig up your property to get to the pipes and see for themselves?

Whether it is a standard evaluation to see what the state of your Powell, OH pipes is or trying to pinpoint a problem that has been causing you trouble, a method that lets technicians get up close and personal with your pipes without the need to dig is a trenchless sewer camera inspection. Gone are the days of taking educated guesses to determine the state of the pipes based on the system’s age, how often it has been serviced, and any visible or noticeable issues that are already occurring. While these things still play a role in determining the condition of your pipes, you can’t get an exact assessment of their state unless they are clearly viewed through an inspection.

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Sewer camera inspections provide a clear view of the inside of your pipes and serve a much greater role than just giving a snapshot of your system’s interior. Sewer camera inspections in Powell, OH are critical to knowing the condition of your pipes, finding pre-existing issues, and getting solutions for these issues early on. Our professionals are able to fully treat your sewer system after inspections are completed, all while keeping your property intact and avoiding the need to dig up the pipes.

How Drain Inspections Work

Drain inspections are conducted by feeding a high-definition camera that’s small enough width to fit in any size drains into your pipeline. It’s attached to a flexible cable that is able to move freely throughout the pipes, preventing twists and turns from being an issue. As the camera makes its way through you system, it’s able to capture clear photos and videos of the pipes. Technicians are then able to assess the pipes and determine their condition with precision and accuracy. This helps owners know when a replacement may be needed, whether it’s soon or later, and can help them create a plan of action for their pipe system. It also allows technicians to see exactly where an issue is and tend to it and without having to guess. We are able to target the exact location and even go back in after a repair to ensure that the work was done properly. This will save time, money, and recurring visits from a professional for the same issues over and over again.

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