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Sewer camera inspections involve the use of high-definition cameras to capture video and photos of the inside of the pipes that make up your sewer system. This evaluation is critical to making sure that pipes are not only operating properly now, but that they will remain in top condition and fully functional in both the near and far future. The inspections can be used as preventative measures and can find issues that are either already showing signs or ones that have yet to become extensive enough to be noticed. Are you due for an evaluation of your Shawnee, Ohio drains? It’s time to call DrainMaster for your drain inspection today.

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How Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

Inspections are often performed through already existing access points that are present in your sewer lines called clean-outs. This eliminates the need to dig up the pipes – and your property – in order to examine them. This makes it a trenchless technology and allows technicians to view the pipes and fully treat them without the need for excavation. The equipment consists of a small camera that is pushed through the pipes using a flexible cable. This is flexible enough to push through the twist and turns of the pipes with ease. As the camera makes its way through, it makes every inch of the pipes visible to the professional who is monitoring the footage from above ground.

Benefits of Drain Inspections in Shawnee, Ohio

Drain inspections allow professionals to determine the condition of your Shawnee pipes. One thing we can discover is the overall condition of the pipes. Are you due for a full sewer replacement soon? Would you benefit from some repairs? Is a simple cleaning all you need? Knowing your pipes’ condition in advance will help you prepare financially and ward off any potentially costly problems down the line.

Are there cracks or leaks that are currently within the pipes that you don’t know about? We can fix them before they become a noticeable issue in your sewer line, home, or business. Fixing something small before it comes a bigger issue can save you hundreds of dollars later. It also saves you from having to call a professional for service more than you need to. Moreover, with the videos and photos we are able to pinpoint the exact locations and get target the exact areas that need might treatment, eliminating room for error and allowing us to finish your service more quickly – and at a lower cost.

Maybe you’re due for a cleaning? We will be able to tell if your backed up or slow drains are due to a blockage, buildup, or tree roots and and we can suggest how often you should get a routine cleaning based on the current condition of your pipes. To prevent your pipes from rusting or breaking due to the buildup of corrosion, we may recommend hydro jetting, which will blast away grime and blockages and get your pipes clean and fully functioning.

If you’re due for a drain inspection in Shawnee, OH call DrainMaster to schedule your appointment today.

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