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At DrainMaster, we feel a responsibility to our clients to always offer the services that will deliver the best possible outcomes. When our Upper Arlington customers call us, they do so because they know that we never conduct our services blindly, and we always inspect the work area first.

Sewer lines, while protected from most damage, can still suffer from problems due to shifts in the soil, intense fluctuations in temperature, or tree roots penetrating the lines themselves and taking root inside of the pipeline. When these problems occur, it’s important for our technicians to be able to inspect them firsthand in order to determine the ideal solution for solving them. We take the time to ensure that our work is precise and produces long-lasting results, which is why we include sewer camera inspections at the start of all our visits to our customer’s homes and businesses across Upper Arlington.

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This sewer camera inspection is conducted with minimal digging, as we need to insert the camera directly into the sewer lines themselves. To do this without tearing up your property with trenches or other inconvenient excavation tactics, we either dig a strategically placed hole to the pipeline connection or utilize an existing access point to reach the pipe. Once a proper point of entry has been established, we insert a small, high-quality camera into the sewer lines that’s attached to a fiber cable.

The cable allows us to thread the camera throughout the pipelines in search of damaged areas. These damaged areas can include problems such as clogs formed by waste accumulation, tree root clumps, leaks, cracks, and misalignments in the sewer line joints. These inspections are capable of exposing the problems, no matter how big or small, through the high-quality footage recorded from the camera, and this attention to detail is what allows our solutions for these problems to be so accurate.

Because of the precision of our sewer camera inspections, we are happy to offer our customers this important service outside the context of emergency situations. If our customers in the Upper Arlington community are interested in scheduling regular checkups on their sewer lines in order to perform maintenance on them and be proactive about the care of their pipes, we will conduct these services for them. In addition, our sewer camera inspections can also be employed to inspect the sewer systems in a home that a prospective homeowner is looking to purchase. By having an inspection conducted, this can help determine the state of the sewer system and if repairs will be needed shortly after the purchase. By assessing the quality beforehand, customers can potentially save money on repairs by having them done prior to buying the home.

At DrainMaster, we gather only the best and most qualified technicians who have experience working with the most advanced equipment in the industry. Our technicians will quickly be able to formulate the perfect solution for your needs, and thanks to our sewer camera inspections, you can rest easy knowing that the work we do will be done right the first time.

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