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Noticing signs of a dysfunctional water heat can keep the parts and unit in a sturdy condition long-term. Frequent water heater issues involve leaks, sediment buildups, corrosion, and high water pressure. The service life of a water heater degrades if these problems are not regularly addressed by homeowners. Luckily, Upper Arlington residents can prevent breakdowns with a series of tips. If installation and repairs are necessary, DrainMaster reduces the costs and repair time.

Common Causes for Water Heater Repairs

Broken water heaters produce a number of symptoms. Upper Arlington homeowners can avoid installing a new unit if they actively observe signs of water heater in need of service. The most obvious sign is a foul sulfurous odor lingering around the unit, which indicates a defunct anode rod. This rod prevents corrosion in the interior of the tank. Periodically checking the anode rod can improve the life span of your water heater. A lack of hot water in the tank and water temperatures exceeding 125F are other common causes for repair. If there is not hot water in the tank or the water temperatures exceeds 125F, do not tamper with your Upper Arlington water heater unit and contact DrainMaster immediately. Regular maintenance may prevent more serious repairs if Columbus residents follow these basic maintenance tips.

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General Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Inspecting the anode rod routinely after three years is the easiest way to preserve the unit. However, it is also important to insulate the tank during chillier months, check the temperature valve, and flush the tank. An uninsulated water tank can drive energy costs and potentially cause the heater to shut off during storms. Keeping an eye on the pressure valve is crucial to preventing a pressurized tank. Checking the pressure valve and flushing the tank of sediments helps avoid more serious damage to the unit. DrainMaster recommends contacting a plumber before attempting these steps on your own.

How to Check the Pressure Valve

Water heater tanks have a valve built-in to stop over pressurization. For the most part, valves are pretty reliable—but they ought to be routinely inspected. In order to gauge if a valve is working, one must check the valve by lifting it and seeing if water is released from the discharge pipe. If the pipe does not work, Upper Arlington homeowners should contact DrainMaster. Sediment blockups are a common reason pressure valves stop working.

Sediment Buildup in Your Upper Arlington Water Heater Tanks

Once the anode rod ages, minerals accumulate in tanks and may clog the valves. Flushing the tank involves firstly shutting off the tank and connecting a hose to the drain valve. It is important to have a bucket handy to collect the residue. If the residue is firmly lodged in the tank, a brush is needed to break up the debris. Once most of the sediment is removed, which is indicated by a clear stream of water, it is time to restore the water heater to working conditions. DrainMaster advises Upper Arlington residents to clean water tanks with the aid of our plumbing specialists.

DrainMaster has refined industry experience with servicing water heaters. Unlike our competitors, we understand water heaters like the back of our hands. Contact us today for more tips, servicing options, and general concerns regarding your water heater!

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