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If you’re living in Westerville and you want to have your home’s sewer line inspected, look no further. At DrainMaster, we have years of experience performing all types of plumbing works, including sewer camera inspections. We know what to look for, and we have the right equipment to make sure that you have a complete and accurate picture of the state of your sewer line.

Thorough Diagnostics of Your Sewer Line

The type of service we offer to residents in Westerville is called sewer camera inspection. We use a camera equipped with LED lights and attached to a cable that lets us inspect the whole length of the sewer line. The whole procedure is relatively quick, depending on the state of the line and the ease of access. In general, a sewer camera inspection is a non-invasive method that doesn’t require a lot of access to the line. All we need is a single entry point to pull the camera through, and we’re set to go. In most cases, the procedure doesn’t leave a lot of mess on your property.

With a sewer camera inspection, we can determine the cause of the sewer problems you’ve been experiencing. If all of the drains in your home start draining slowly, if you start noticing a bad smell around them, or if you start noticing unexpected things happening when you flush the toilet or run the sink closest to the toilet, you probably have a sewer line blockage. If that is the case, we use the sewer camera inspection to confirm there is a blockage, determine its position, cause, and estimate how hard it will be to remove.

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While blockages are often caused by a buildup of hardened sewage, they can have several other possible causes, all of which are detectable by a sewer camera inspection. Tree roots are among the more common causes of sewer blockage because they can tunnel their way into the line and then grow inside of it until the line is blocked. And the fact that they present a point where sewage can gather doesn’t help either, so a root can trigger a blockage even before it grows enough to cause it on its own.

Collapsed pipes are another thing that will cause complete failure of your home’s sewage system. We can see it during a camera sewer inspection, and use the information we gather to propose the best course of action. Any other type of damage to the sewer line is easily detectable using a camera — there’s really no other method that offers such a quick, easy, and thorough inspection.

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DrainMaster has been servicing sewer and drainage lines around Ohio for a while. We have the best methods to diagnose and repair any type of problems with sewers and drains. We want the residents of Westerville, you included, to know that they can count on us for the proper running of the sewer and drainage in their homes. All of our expertise is only a phone call away.

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