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If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re sure that the sewer line in your home needs cleaning, you’re probably dealing with a significant blockage. At DrainMaster, we’ve been championing regular sewer cleaning as a way to prevent bigger problems from happening. But we have also been there to help the residents of Westerville with their sewer cleaning needs no matter how far along the blockage was. So, whether you’re doing a regular sewer cleaning or you have a sewer blockage that needs to be cleared, you can count on us to take care of it.

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If you have problems with your sewer and you don’t fix them for long enough, you’ll end up having problems with your whole house. There are few things that are as nasty as raw sewage in your bathtub, bathroom, basement, or hallways. And if you leave the problems with your sewer unaddressed, that’s what will happen eventually.

That’s why it’s important that you react as soon as you notice any of the signs of a sewer that’s getting clogged:

  • Slow drainage in every drain in your house, including toilets;
  • Water backup in the bathtub after flushing the toilet;
  • The toilet backing up when running the sink closest to the toilet;
  • Bad smell coming from multiple drains in the home.

These are the red flags of a clogged toilet. If the water manages to drain eventually from the fixtures, it means that your sewer line isn’t completely blocked. Still, any of those symptoms is a sign that the blockage is significant, and it will not get better on its own.

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The Power of Water

Residents of Westerville who want to have clean sewer lines in their home can call us to perform Hydro Jetting. It’s one of the best methods for cleaning any type of plumbing, and it can do wonders for a dirty and clogged sewer line.

With Hydro Jetting, we use high-pressure water to blast the blockage that’s causing the troubles with your sewer line. The pressure is significant enough to deal with any type of accumulated matter that might cause the blockage, while still being gentle enough on the walls of the line so that it doesn’t damage them.

Hydro Jetting isn’t used only for clearing blockages. We use top of the line equipment that lets us thoroughly clean the walls of the line from any buildup, which is something methods like snaking cannot do. So as long as there are no roots coming through the walls of the sewer line, Hydro Jetting will deal with it. And we have different tools and removal methods for roots, so they don’t present a problem to us.

Whether you have a problem with your sewer line, or you think it’s been quite some time since the last time you cleaned it, DrainMaster is the company you want to hire to clean and maintain your sewer lines. We have the know-how and the equipment, and we are dedicated to excellence in our service. Give us a call, and you won’t be sorry.

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