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At DrainMaster, we are proud to offer our customers residing in Westerville, Ohio, with trenchless sewer repair options. When you call us for support, you can rest easy knowing that we will take the best, safest approach to restore your sewer lines without the excavation and property damage associated with the traditional, dig-and-replace process. Our work will keep your home intact and safe from needless collateral damage, allowing us to better devote our time to offering an effective repair that will serve you for many years.

At DrainMaster, our team is specially trained to conduct sewer repairs in such a way that minimal property damage is created. We make sure that we can either employ the repairs through a pipe connection on your property or to dig a small, but carefully placed hole that will have the same effect. Our trenchless repairs are applicable to a number of situations and can be used to repair portions of the pipeline rather than the entire line, so if digging is necessary, it is minimal because we can limit it to the damaged area of the pipeline.

In order to determine the severity of the damage your sewer lines are facing, we conduct a sewer camera inspection. This process allows us to see directly into the sewer lines with the assistance of a high-quality camera inserted into the lines themselves. With the clear video footage gained from this inspection, our technicians will have the information required to fix the pipe in the most effective way possible.

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From there, we can move forward with our trenchless sewer repair services and rehabilitate the sewer line directly from the inside without needing direct access to it. Our team uses a specialized set of tools that are pushed down the pipe through the point of entry until it reaches the portion of the pipe that needs repairing. The gear we insert into the line is inflatable, and it swells until it completely fills the inside of the pipe. Once the equipment deflates, it will leave behind a layer of a special material. This material will harden over a period of time, becoming essentially a pipe within your sewer line. It fills out any cracks, increases the structural integrity of the line, and it prolongs the useful life of the sewer line by years.

Our trenchless sewer repairs include our inspections and sewer line cleanings into a single package that ensures the well-being and proper functionality of your pipelines. We are proud to offer this complementary set of services to our customers in Westerville, ensuring that we are always ready to meet their needs. If you call us to repair your sewer line using trenchless pipe repair technology, you can trust us to provide a top quality service to you.

At DrainMaster, we understand that sewer repairs are not a pleasant experience for our customers, but we have continued to innovate and invest in the process to make it minimally intrusive and give us the ability to finish in a reasonable timeframe and provide results that will stand the test of time. Our professional technicians are held to the highest standards of service and the tools we use are the latest and best-performing tools in the industry. All you need to do to benefit from our dedication to excellence is to call our team of experts today, and we look forward to working with you.

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