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Our staff at DrainMaster specializes in fast, affordable, thorough drain cleaning services using the best technology available. We’re skilled at diagnosing and treating drain problems no matter what the cause. If your drain is slow or blocked, we can restore it to full service quickly.

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Columbus Ohio Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services & Techniques

DrainMaster has over 20 years of experience cleaning clogged drain issues, so we’re experts at identifying the source of your problem, whether it’s caused by accumulated waste or foreign object obstruction, narrowed pipes from buildup, or tree root penetration. We can quickly diagnose the problem and choose the right solution for optimum results in any situation. This is why we are the preferred plumber in Columbus, OH. When you contact DrainMaster for your drain cleaning service, you can rest assured that you will benefit from fully trained, expert technicians on every visit.

DrainMaster has multiple drain cleaning options. Our drain cleaning company is skilled at recommending the best choice for effective results at the most affordable rate:

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For simple, one-time drain obstructions, we may suggest our drain snaking or sewer snake service. The technician will insert a long cable with a cutter at the end into the obstructed line and work it to the blockage. Once the cutter is in place, the tool is rotated to drive the tool into the clog, chopping it up so that it can be washed through the sewer or extracted and disposed of.

For more difficult situations that require a robust solution, we offer hydro jetting. This powerful, cutting-edge technology goes beyond just breaking apart the clog to fully clean the interior of the pipe using nothing but clear, environmentally-safe, pressurized water. Our expert DrainMaster technician inserts a water hose with a carefully calibrated nozzle that jets water in 360 degrees at a force of 4000 PSI or more. The strength of the jets can pulverize any clog while also scouring away thick pipe buildup, even years of hard water scale or heavy tree root infiltration. Once we’ve completed a hydro jetting service, your pipes will work like new again.

Preventative Care & Drain Cleaning Maintenance In Ohio

We also offer preventive drain cleaning services to help keep the drains in your home or business operating at full efficiency. Our advanced cleaning system removes tough buildup, including grease, mineral deposits, and waste accumulation, as well as cleaning off damaging corrosion and eliminating tree root growth. DrainMaster’s technique restores pipes to their original diameter, giving you plumbing that works like the day it was installed. A quick, affordable drain cleaning can save you thousands of dollars in sewer repairs and keep your pipes at maximum capacity.

Cracked pipes, tree roots, grease build-up, and accidentally discarded items can all contribute to ongoing sewer line issues.

Due to the potential of expensive plumbing system damage, we advise against tackling any DIY plumbing projects.

We tailor our services to each situation and will select a technique that’s effective and non-damaging for your piping.

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At DrainMaster, our personnel takes a detail-oriented, results-driven approach to every project. We also look out for our customers’ interests with accurate estimates, quality workmanship, and complete post-project clean-up. Call our team today to schedule your drain cleaning appointment!

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