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At DrainMaster, we tame the toughest drains! But we also do so much more! We remove clogs through snaking and hydro jetting, we clear out and clean up sewer systems, pipes, and water lines, and we repair and replace burst pipes. If you need the best technology at your disposal to save you time, money, and hassle, the licensed plumbers at DrainMaster are ready for your call. With more than 16 years of experience, the DrainMaster plumbing technicians provide a variety of related plumbing services in Columbus, OH. Our services are extensive, insured and warrantied. Contact us by dialing 614.276.1510.

Our licensed plumbing professionals are qualified to perform services in the following locations in Ohio:

Residential and Commercial Services

Plumbing is much more than your kitchen and bathroom drains. You have an entire, intricate piping system lying below and around your residence or your commercial property. Whether a home or a business, your plumbing needs to remain in top condition for the building’s inhabitants to function safely and productively. You need to trust your toilet will flush without overflowing, that your sink will drain in a timely manner and without any foul or repellent smells rising from the drain. You need to be able to take a shower without risking foot fungus from an inoperable drain and you need a highly qualified, Columbus, OH-based plumbing company who you can call on in case any of these basic necessities let you down!

A few of the extra plumbing repairs we offer include:

We also specialize in:

Routine maintenance and emergency plumbing services are part of our regular package. We remove threatening tree roots from pipes and sewer systems, reinstall or reroute pipes, and perform a healthy inspection on your entire plumbing system on our first visit. Our plumbers provide full repairs on gas systems, drainage systems, water systems, and sewer systems throughout Columbus, OH. We repair and replace faulty or degrading appliances. Our professionals attend to overflowing or clogged toilets, damaged or blocked garbage disposals, damaged water pipes, and low pressure on pipes or slow draining sinks.

Consult the Professionals

With our years of experience as a trusted plumber in Columbus, OH, we also know to check for further leaks than fixing the only one noticed so far. Our methodical work is carried out on every on-site visit to make sure you won’t have to call us again for a very long time.

Consult with our qualified drainage system repairmen today to get a full evaluation of the health of your entire water system. We will answer each of your questions and address your concerns fully. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Our plumbers complete every job to the absolute approval of each customer because we take pride in our work and our services.

At DrainMaster, we also provide leak detection for both water lines and gas lines for your safety and the safety of your loved ones. After more than a decade of serving the state of Ohio in all things plumbing, our certified technicians know the tell-tale signs of leakage. Minor water leaks can cause your home and your wallet a great deal of trouble and gas leaks easily cause major fires, putting your life in a great deal of trouble.

Rather than risk injury to yourself, your loved ones or your employees, get your gas lines, water lines, and pipelines examined by a professional, licensed plumber certified in a multitude of manufacturers and trained in the industry’s highest standards. Be safe, be smart, and be proactive! Call the DrainMaster plumbing team today at 614.276.1510 for more types of plumbing related services we offer Columbus, OH.

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