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If your home or business is showing telltale signs of a water leak, call DrainMaster for innovative trenchless water line repair. Our expert technicians are equipped with modern technology to restore your water service quickly and affordably while also protecting your property value.

We offer trenchless pipe lining services in the following Ohio areas:

Traditional Versus Trenchless Repair Solutions For Water Pipelines In Ohio Homes & Businesses

DrainMaster’s trenchless water line repair service offers several benefits over traditional dig-and-replace methods. While standard repairs often cause significant collateral damage to the surrounding property features, our methods have a small repair footprint that eliminates unnecessary destruction and maintains the value of your home or business. With our more streamlined process, we can often fully complete a repair in 24 hours compared to several days in other methods. Our system also reduces the cost of the process, eliminating unnecessary labor and equipment, and cutting the price by 50% or more.

In addition to the benefits our system offers in reduced annoyance and cost, our water line repair technology is also safer for both people and the environment. Our pipe lining restoration method is safe for use in potable water systems and is even used for resealing aged pipes in private and municipal water supplies to prevent dangerous minerals such as lead from leaching into the drinking water. The repair process is comparatively non-invasive, so it protects plants and small-animal habitats in the work area. It also eliminates the large areas of bare soil following a repair that can contribute to soil erosion, and it prevents the addition of large amounts of construction waste to landfills. DrainMaster’s trenchless water line repair solution is a smart decision from every angle.

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How The Trenchless Water Line Repair Process Works

To restore a damaged or deteriorating water line, we begin with a careful inspection of the pipes with our video camera system. We identify all the areas that have current problems as well as those that are showing signs of imminent failure. Once we’ve evaluated the situation and developed an efficient restoration plan, we clean the interior of the damaged pipe with our hydro jetting system to remove all traces of buildup and corrosion that would prevent effective adherence of the liner. DrainMaster takes the time to make sure every repair process is successful, and every customer is satisfied with the results.

Once the pipe is prepared, the expert technician introduces the epoxy repair material to the damaged pipe. The tools and materials are specially designed to be applied through existing openings in the pipe, such as a pipe connection or built-in access point. For narrow pipes such as household copper intake lines, we apply liquid epoxy with compressed air in an ultra-thin layer that seals common pinhole leaks and cracks. Large water lines such as mains can be relined with cured-in-place pipe, a method that uses an epoxy-coated, flexible cylinder that is pulled into the pipe and expanded to form a new pipe. Once the epoxy is in place, we allow it to cure for several hours until it hardens, fully restoring the pipe to better-than-new condition.

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We take pride in our reputation as a trusted plumber in Columbus, OH. For reliable, trustworthy trenchless water line repair, contact DrainMaster to learn more about our innovative solutions. We can restore any leaking pipe to fully functional while also saving you money, respecting your time, and protecting the environment. Call DrainMaster at 614-276-1510 today!

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