Sewer Line Issues to Avoid

There are different issues that can happen with your sewer line that should be avoided at all costs. While most of these happen without there being any way to stop them, there are several different things that can be done in order to help prevent them from happening. Here is a breakdown of the common sewer line issues to avoid.


These are too common for many in the local area. While most of them can be easily fixed, there are some that require professional intervention. At DrainMaster, we offer sewer pipe line repair in Columbus, OH, for these occasions.


Any sewer pipe will begin to wear down over time and need to be fixed. Only the sewer line is made out of PVC pipe that is extremely durable, and then they are less likely. Our team can provide sewer line repair in Columbus, OH, for when this happens.


This problem is very similar to corrosion but occurs at the joint within the pipe’s line. They can damage anything around that area of piping. DrainMaster specializes in sewer line replacement in Columbus, OH, and will replace the joints before too much is damaged.


A tree’s roots can be a dangerous thing because they grow however they want and do not care if something is in their way. They can crack through and grow within a sewer line. We offer sewer repair services in Columbus, OH, to prevent this from happening.

Cracks and Breaks

A sewer line that has cracks or breaks within it can cause a lot of problems if left alone, such as completely breaking down and collapsing. We can replace sewer line in Columbus, OH, before it gets to this point or even if it does completely breakdown.

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