Many homes throughout the country rely on natural gas for stoves, heaters, and general appliances. Homeowners in Columbus, OH should always be cognizant of a potential gas line leak. Why? Because it can be one of the most dangerous plumbing emergencies possible. As you know, gas is harmful to your health and can ignite explosions and fires within your home. For gas line repair and replacement, call Drain Master at (614) 276-1510. Meanwhile, check out these signs of a gas line leak:

Dead Plants

Signs of gas leakage are not always observed on the interior. Check the outside of your home for dead or dying plants. Although plants can die for a variety of reasons, if you notice that multiple, well-kept plants are dying unexpectedly, gas leakage could be the source. Gas blocks oxygen from the plants grasp and can lead to noticeable discoloration, which will stand out to observers.

Distinct Smell

A gas leak is easy to smell, and most people are well aware of what gas smells like. If if you don’t know exactly how it smells, you will notice that something is causing a distressful smell in and around your home. In most cases, natural gas contains odor enhancers so that homeowners can more easily detect a leak. You will not have any question when you smell the horrific stench of natural gas leakage.

Hissing Sound

If you hear a high pitched hiss around your gas tank, you should contact a plumber immediately. That sound indicates some type of leak, and one that could continue to get worse if it goes unattended. Gas is also combustible, making any sort of leakage a fire and safety hazard for your home and family. Get out in front of the problem by contacting Drain Master today.

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