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Of all the potential plumbing issues, a burst pipe ranks among the most serious. When encountering a burst pipe, DrainMaster urges you to immediately call a licensed plumber in Upper Arlington, OH. You also need to turn off your home’s water supply valve, which can help prevent further damage. Let’s find out what causes burst pipes.

Extremely Cold Temperatures

Ohio is known for its cold weather. Temperatures routinely dip below freezing during the winter. When water freezes inside a pipe, this creates extra pressure. It’s only a matter of time before the pipe bursts. By allowing your faucet to drip on frigid nights, your pipes will be less likely to freeze. However, an even better approach is to have your exposed pipes insulated by our top plumbing company in Upper Arlington, OH.

Moving Pipes

According to plumbing services in Upper Arlington, OH, it’s important for your pipes to remain stable. If your pipes are not properly secured, they will move around when the water is turned off and on. This frequent movement can weaken joints in the pipe, thus making a leak more likely to develop. The cause to repair the damage can be quite expensive.

Too Much Water Pressure

In order for your plumbing system to function properly, it needs to maintain normal water pressure. However, excessive water pressure can wreak havoc on your pipes. Water pressure over 50 psi indicates the need for plumbing repairs in Upper Arlington, OH. A plumber from our team may need to install a pressure-reducing valve.


Over time, corrosion can certainly lead to a burst pipe. Hard water, which contains an excessive amount of minerals, often causes a buildup of sediment. The extra pressure will ultimately cause the pipe to fail.

If you need emergency plumbing in Upper Arlington, OH, contact DrainMaster. Feel free to call us or schedule an appointment by filling out the online form.

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