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A public water supply with a high percentage of minerals is known as hard water, which is particularly common in Ohio. One of the negative consequences is scale buildup on cast iron pipes. Scale buildup can involve rusty deposits on the interior surface, which can lead to clogs. A plumber in Columbus, OH, from DrainMaster can provide effective methods for restoring pipes with scale buildup.

Descaling is possible with a number of techniques.

Hydro jetting is one of the most common methods of clearing a scaled and clogged drain in Columbus, OH. This involves a concentrated and high-pressure stream of water directed at scale buildup, removing deposits and leaving drains clog- and scale-free.

Dry blasting is a method of drain cleaning in Columbus, OH, that uses air pressure to blast abrasives through the pipe’s interior. The amount of air pressure and abrasive material increases the speed of scale removal.

Sometimes the high pressure involved in hydro jetting or blasting is too much for more fragile pipes. In this case, versatile grinding chains are an effective alternative. This method is among the drain cleaning services in Columbus, OH, that work with a rotating assembly that quickly and effectively removes large amounts of scale buildup.

Metal grinders are another efficient means of clearing drains of metal and rust obstructions and drain snaking in Columbus, OH. It works with a purpose-built, rotating grinder. Wire grinders also clear pipes that already have breaks in them.

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Scaling, especially in cast iron pipes, can occur over time, requiring the skills of experienced experts at a drain cleaning company in Columbus, OH, with a suite of alternative methods. The skilled plumbers at DrainMaster can complete a video inspection, pinpoint the trouble areas, and use the most effective method of descaling to have drains flowing as freely as possible. Call us today or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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