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Frozen pipes are a risk during the winters in Ohio, but they can still happen despite your best prevention efforts. If winter comes early or you forget to “winterize” parts of your plumbing system, you can encounter a frozen pipe once the freezing temperatures begin. However, knowing what to do when your pipes freeze will help you lessen the effect on your home or business.

Identifying Your Frozen Pipes

You might not even know your pipes have frozen until you try to use your sink or other faucet. If your sink only produces a small trickle, or if nothing comes out at all, it’s a telltale sign that your pipes are frozen. The frozen area acts as a plug and prevents water from flowing freely through your pipe.

If the frozen area has occurred in an exposed pipe like those underneath your sink or in the garage or basement, you may also notice frost on the outside of the pipe or a bulge near the affected area.

How to Treat Frozen Pipes

Trying to thaw your pipes yourself can result in additional damage to your pipes or your property. Frozen pipes are a delicate situation that should be best handled by a professional. If possible, turn off the water to the affected fixture to avoid rupturing. Your pipe could have already suffered a crack or other damage as a result of the expanding water, so contact DrainMaster Ohio to thaw your pipes professionally.

Our skilled technicians will thaw your frozen pipes and identify any areas of damage. We offer a range of pipe repair and replacement procedures and can help you put together a plan to winterize your house to avoid problems in the future.

Call a Professional for Your Frozen Pipes

Thawing your frozen pipes is a job best left to the professionals at DrainMaster. Improper thawing can damage your pipes and the use of an open flame can cause injuries or fire in your home or business. We’ve been serving Ohio for over twenty years, so don’t look any further than DrainMaster for your frozen pipes.

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