A day can change pretty quickly in a Dublin-area home when an unexpected burst pipe or damaged water line leaves a sudden mess of water all over the floor, potentially damaging woodwork, ceilings, drywall and insulation. The first thing to do is to minimize the damage and call a plumber that offers water line services to properly assess and repair it. In the meantime, here are some emergency actions to take right away:

Shut the Water Supply Off

Right away, shutting off the main valve to the house will help contain the situation and keep more water from aggravating the problem. It’s also wise to cut the electrical supply to flooded areas to limit the chances of interaction.

Drain the Remaining Water

To further cut down on the amount of water involved and remaining pressure in the lines, run the cold water out at the sinks and by flushing the toilet. Following that, turn off the water heater and run out the hot water. Dry water lines prevent further leaks and allow cleanup to begin.

Remove the Water

Once the cause is stopped, cleaning and mopping will help prevent any further flooding so damage can be assessed and repaired by a Dublin-area

Contact Us for Skilled Water Line Repair

A sudden water line break is one of those unwelcome problems that call for immediate action and consequent repairs. Areas of dampness in floors and walls can lead to mildew and mold in difficult to reach areas of a Dublin OH home, which could result in water line replacement and comprehensive disaster restoration work.

Whether the damaged water line came from freezing, rust or deterioration or pressure from blockages, our trained technicians have the skills, equipment and experience necessary to quickly and accurately assess the damage and respond right away with water line installation and repair services to get life back to normal as soon as possible. For expert water line repair in Dublin, OH, and nearby areas, trust DrainMaster. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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