When is Water Line Replacement an Option

As they are often located far underground, it can be difficult to properly identify and repair damaged water lines. The first step to solving any water supply line issue is discovering the exact source of the problem. A camera can be used to investigate the condition of the entire length of the pipe, and the flow can be measured through the pipe to determine the presence of leaks. The data gathered during these two steps will often indicate the corrective actions that could be taken to make the water supply line serviceable once again.

Choosing between Water Line Replacement and Water Line Repair in Upper Arlington, OH

The skill and expertise of a trained plumber in Upper Arlington, OH, is needed to determine whether a damaged water supply line should be repaired or replaced. Water lines with minor tree root incursions, limited cracking, and localized separation due to settling are often good candidates for repair using a pipe lining technique. 

Pipes that have developed large dips or depressions and those that include sharp bends or numerous connection points along the line will generally require complete water line replacement in Upper Arlington OH. Only a professional plumber with water line experience should be hired to perform the work.

Call Us for Help with a Damaged Water Line in Upper Arlington OH

The team at DrainMaster is equipped to handle services as varied as water line repair, water line replacement and water line installation in Upper Arlington, OH. We’re prepared to employ cameras and other modern technologies to diagnose the problem, and we’ll supply the right solution to ensure that your residential or commercial water line is in good shape for years to come. Contact us to schedule an appointment for an on-site consultation and estimate at your convenience.


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