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Columbus homeowners may feel tempted to tackle clogged drains with homemade cleaners. However, pouring a concoction of chemicals down your drain may weaken and destroy pipes. DrainMaster never advises tackling drain cleaning without help from professionals.

Forget the Vinegar and Baking Soda Technique

The old-fashion vinegar and baking soda method is actually quite ineffective with helping clogged pipes. On the surface, it may seem that this classic cleaner unclogs stagnant drains. However, pipe lines extend a long ways from the sink. Vinegar and baking soda do not reach deep grime inside the pipes—they only mix into standing pools of water. Where vinegar is acidic, baking soda is a base and counteracts the acid. An even worse tactic is dumping corrosive chemicals down your drain.

Sewer Systems Have a Sensitive Ecosystem

Bacteria aids in breaking down waste and sewer systems house a complex ecosystem of bacteria. So drain cleaners—such as Draino—may harm the natural workings of pipes and lead to dangerous leaks. DrainMaster understands how healthy pipes naturally flush out grime and stop blockages. Taking matters into your own hands can tamper with a sewer’s ecosystem. Sewer system emergencies may occur if a homeowner flushes caustic chemicals into weakened metal pipes. There are also environmental impacts of do-it-yourself drain cleaning.

Drain Cleaners Corrode Sewer System

It may be tempting when visiting a grocery store to buy low costs drain cleaners without checking the labels. Chemicals like hydraulic acid do not clean drains, but stagnate deep within plumbing systems. A common scenario regarding drain cleaners is the homeowners becoming frustrated and dumping more toxic cleaners down their drains. Eventually, these corrosive cleaners will eat away and pipes and even seep into the soil surrounding one’s home. A plumbing specialist uses environmentally safe and results-proven chemical solutions to unclog drains.

There is a lot of nuance and knowledge required with safely unclogging a drain. Instead of trusting hard-to-read labels on drain cleaners, plumbing services do the handy work of selecting the best and safest products. DrainMaster will firstly assess the condition of pipes before forging a plan of action for clogged pipes.

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