In this age of online information, many people think they can handle common home repairs on their own. It is not unusual for our plumbers in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas to be called to a home where an attempt at a DIY solution has created an emergency plumbing situation. It is important to remember that plumbing is a complex technical field. When you call a professional plumbing company like DrainMaster, you are working with experts with years of training and experience.

Red Flags That Indicate Plumbing Issues

There are several signs that indicate you need plumbing services at your home. It is important not to ignore them, as the situation will only get worse.

  • Clogged drains: If water is not draining out or drains very slowly, it indicates that something is clogging your pipes. A professional can clear the blockage safely.
  • Constant running: If your toilet or any other fixture will not stop running, a skilled plumber can easily make the fix.
  • Damp spots: Water spots on your ceiling or puddles on the floor indicate leaking pipes. Call a professional to investigate.
  • Weak water pressure: Low water pressure often means an issue in your incoming water line.
  • Low water temperature: A professional plumbing company will work with your hot water heater and make certain it is functioning properly
  • Backflow: A consequence of low system pressure can mean sewer water backing up into your home. This must be addressed quickly for the health of your home.

How DIY Leads to Worse Problems

Even if you think you understand the problem, trying to fix your own plumbing is a serious risk. Often, home remedies like drain cleaners only mask the deeper problem for a short time. An improper fix can lead to damage further down the system. A poorly-executed pipe connection can leave you with a flooded basement and extensive water damage. Let the experts from DrainMaster handle your home plumbing services.

Plumbing Repairs from DrainMaster

DrainMaster can give you the comprehensive plumbing repairs you need. Whether it is a leaky faucet that is driving you crazy or a full-blown emergency plumbing issue, we are the plumbers in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas you can trust to handle it. We will make certain that your water only flows when and where you want it to. We can clear most line blockages using advanced snaking and hydro jet techniques. In addition, we can handle any problems with your hot water heater, garbage disposal, and other plumbing fixtures. We are also the professionals you can trust with your water line, gas line or sewer line.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you suspect that you need help with the plumbing at your location, DrainMaster is the plumbing company that will get the job done right. Our highly-trained professionals have the knowledge, skill, and technology to keep things flowing as they should. Contact us today at 614-698-1434 to schedule an appointment.

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