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As a top drain cleaning company in Columbus, OH, we get plenty of calls here at DrainMaster for clogged kitchen sinks. Fortunately, most clogs can be handled by the homeowners themselves – perhaps with a little guidance from someone who’s done the job before.

So if you have a clogged kitchen sink and just need some pointers to help you tackle the job without hiring a plumber in Columbus, OH, these tips are just what you need. But first, remember that when working with clogs, be sure to use gloves and eye protection.

Avoid Removing the Clog on Your Own

While many homeowners with a clogged drain in Columbus, OH will reach for the clog-removal chemicals right away, that’s actually the last method you should consider, due to the fact that harsh chemicals can be dangerous and potentially damaging to your home. Instead, we’d recommend that you first attempt to physically remove the clog by hand.

If it is not easily reachable, you can hire us for drain snaking in Columbus, OH. We use professional-grade equipment to dislodge the blockage.

Dissolve the Clog Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Some clogs might need to be loosened up a bit, so here are some chemical-free options you can pour down the drain first that will be gentler on your pipes and on the environment compared to powerful cleaning chemicals:

– Large pot of boiling water

– Baking soda and vinegar

– Bacterial drain cleaner

However, do not use boiling water for drain cleaning in Columbus, OH if you have plastic PVC pipes, since the intense heat can actually compromise the integrity of the plastic and create leaks and breakage. Use boiling water only if you have metal pipes.

While the above DIY plumbing tips will usually be sufficient, there may always be some really tough clogs that require professional drain cleaning services in Columbus, OH. If you have tried these tips without success, or if you just feel safer having the pros come to handle it for you, contact DrainMaster right away.

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