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At DrainMaster, our motto is “We Tame the Toughest Drains” – and we stand behind that! We provide specialty plumbing services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Columbus, OH area. We are a family-owned and operated company, and we believe it’s important to build relationships within our community to ensure our continued success. We serve several locations in Ohio, including the following areas:


With the assistance of a plumber from our team at DrainMaster plumbing company in Columbus, OH, you are provided full service for your pipes and drains of either your home or business. We service every drain in your home and will inspect them on a service call to be sure they are all functioning properly. At DrainMaster, our plumbers carry the best tools and combine them with their rigorous training in order to guarantee a full range of drain repair and cleaning services.

Each drain in your home performs a similar duty but requires specific, unique care because of what each drain is used for. For example, the kitchen sink drain is exposed to not only water or used water, but grease, food waste, and soap which can get caught or build up in the pipes. This build up causes water to drain slower over time. Bathtub and shower drains are exposed to more hair, soap, and contaminants which become trapped within the drain pipes and become massive clogs. These drains frequently require the most cleaning and repair services.

Bathroom sink drains have to deal with soap, contaminants and grime, and substances as thick as toothpaste, which behaves not unlike cement when it dries. Toilet drains become quickly clogged by any combination of substances which cannot or will not disintegrate in water. This can include baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, facial tissues and paper towels.


When home plumbing begins to break down, our stomachs fill with dread and we begin to panic about who to call. You can easily skip those steps though! (614) 957-2786 is the number to know! Call the emergency plumbing line of DrainMaster, the Columbus, OH plumbing company you can count on. Our licensed plumbing contractors will diagnose why you’ve taken on flooding, why your toilet has backed up, what has caused the burst pipes or broke water lines. We provide full repair and replacement services on the same short notice you were given that you needed these services done!

Your plumbing system needs to reliably function to safely deliver clean water into your home and correctly flow the used water away from it. When this simple process is interrupted, it can mean a lot of trouble for you, your pets and family, your property, or your employees. At DrainMaster in Columbus, OH, our plumbing company provides the plumbing solutions you need by qualified plumbing contractors you can depend on.

Our licensed plumbers provide Columbus, OH and much of its surrounding area with plumbing emergency services for commercial and residential customers alike. Our trained plumbing technicians are familiar with every type of industrial, office, commercial and household plumbing systems. A quick response when you are suddenly having an issue with your sewer pipes, toilets, grease traps or sinks can make all the difference.


Our Columbus, OH plumbing contractors at DrainMaster arrive at every emergency call fully prepared for anything. The plumbing professionals in our crew will arrive at your location with the specialized equipment used to inspect and locate burst pipes, then administer repairs. After a thorough evaluation of your plumbing issues, we will then discuss the problem you are facing and the solution we can provide.

We diagnose plumbing problems quickly and correctly, and all of our repairs are performed the right way the first time. After rushing to your business or home, we will work rapidly to fix your plumbing as well as clean up any mess from the work site caused by the plumbing problem as well as its repair. Our professional plumbers will also work with you to prevent future plumbing problems.

Remember, in the case of a plumbing emergency, one call will fix it all! Our experienced plumbers will limit the property damage you take on from surprise plumbing hiccups. The plumbers at DrainMaster are professionals who are respectful in all things concerning your property, knowledgeable in your household or business plumbing system, and will be entirely courteous to you from the first time you call us. Day or night, we will act quickly to get your plumbing back to levels of proper functionality.

Need a plumber ASAP? Get your day back on track fast by calling the plumbing contractors in Columbus, OH from DrainMaster at (614) 957-2786.


Drain Maintenance Drain Master Columbus Ohio

Plumbing Repair

We provide full plumbing system inspections with our plumbing repair services. Call to learn more!

Video Inspection Drain Master Columbus Ohio

Video Inspection

We can see what the issue is with your sewer line and where it is before your landscaping is even touched!

Sewer Cleaning Drain Master Columbus Ohio

Water Main Repair

At DrainMaster, we specialize in a variety of sewer and drain repair and replacement services.

Hydro Jetting Drain Master Columbus Ohio

Hydro Jetting

Using pressurized water and newly developed technology, we will clean your sewer pipes quickly, efficiently and safely.


Are you a trained plumbing professional looking for new opportunities? We’re looking for new members of our team and would love to hear from you.


DrainMaster, your family-owned and operated plumbing company in Columbus, OH, has licensed plumbing contractors and certified drain cleaning specialists ready for your call!


Either by calling our main line, our emergency line or by filling out this online contact form! A professional DrainMaster representative will get in touch with you shortly to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the condition of your plumbing, or to make and confirm a new appointment for your requested service.


At DrainMaster, we can take care of any of your plumbing needs, from a clogged drain to repairing industrial sewer lines. We specialize in trenchless sewer pipe repair, a state-of-the-art plumbing technique which allows us to fix pipes from within, eliminating the need for destructive digging. The process involves coating the interior of the pipe with a specially designed epoxy resin, creating a new pipe wall as the resin dries. This method is cost-effective and efficient – most repairs can be completed in as little as 24 hours.


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Hydro Jetting
Descaling Pipes
Garbage Disposals
Gas Lines
Sewer Line Repair
Sink Repair
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Water Line Repair

When you’re choosing a contractor, it’s important to find one with strong ties to the community. Here are a few reasons to choose DrainMaster:

  • Our family is local to the Columbus area and we’ve been operating here for over 20 years, so we’re more than familiar with the pipeline infrastructure of Columbus.
  • We carefully select all of our staff to ensure we hire only the most experienced, most dedicated technicians to visit your home.
  • Our goal at DrainMaster is to ensure customer satisfaction for every single client.
  • We always communicate with our clients, so you will know exactly what to expect.
  • If you’re having sewer pipe problems in Columbus, OH, call DrainMaster today. We will be more than happy to set up a consultation with one of our licensed plumbers. We are also available for emergency calls.

DrainMaster, your family-owned and operated plumbing company in Columbus, Ohio, has licensed plumbing experts and certified drain cleaning specialists ready to answer your call and offer excellent services and repair solutions!

Whether you are a homeowner or commercial property owner, we have all had problems with clogged drains, leaks, or flooding on our property as a result of the pipes experiencing complications. As we are local to the Columbus metro area, our team of qualified plumbers is more than a little acquainted with the plumbing structure of Columbus, Ohio. Our professional plumbing technicians are prepared day and night to provide the residents of Columbus, Ohio, and many of its surrounding cities and towns with the best and most accurate plumbing solutions available! So be sure to give us a call today at 614-968-7067 and learn more about how our professionals can help you, recommend the repairs you need, and produce excellent results.


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