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You can trust DrainMaster for reliable, cost-effective plumbing maintenance solutions that prevent water or sewer problems in your property. We offer a variety of options to help you plan the best way to protect your property. Our skilled technicians are experts at creating an effective maintenance plan that solves your problems and keeps your plumbing working at peak efficiency.

Keep your plumbing well-maintained and performing optimally by entrusting it to the preferred plumber in Columbus, OH. Our service areas include:

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Why Maintaining The Pipes & Plumbing In Residential & Commercial Buildings Is Important

Good plumbing maintenance is an important part of responsible homeownership or business facilities management, but it is often neglected, which leads to numerous problems. Pipes are frequently hidden in inaccessible areas, and as long as they aren’t showing noticeable signs of failure, it’s easy to forget that they exist. Unfortunately, by the time problems become obvious, the solutions are much more costly and time-consuming than if they had been addressed in its early stages.

DrainMaster offers effective plumbing maintenance solutions that save you money and make sure that your water and sewer lines continue to work efficiently. We understand that every customer has unique needs that require a customized solution, and we’re adept at developing a program to fit your situation and budget. We also offer multiple schedule choices to accommodate any frequency you desire.

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Our Maintenance Services For Home & Business Plumbing Fixtures In Ohio

One popular plumbing maintenance service DrainMaster provides is sewer camera inspection. This impressive technology combines a durable waterproof camera with a fiber optic cable to collect real-time footage of the interior of your sewer pipe. With this system, our technician can fully inspect your pipe to identify problem areas, such as thick mineral buildup, cracks, or deterioration that weakens the pipe walls. We can also monitor the progress of root penetration and corrosion as it spreads. The information collected in an annual sewer inspection enables us to work with you to create a comprehensive sewer maintenance program so that minor issues can be handled before they turn into major problems.

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Drain Cleaning as Routine Maintenance

Another important service we offer is a routine scheduled drain cleaning. Like other areas in your home or business, pipes require occasional cleaning to remove materials that collect in elbows, on pipe walls, and in connections. Freshwater lines develop layers of mineral buildup that steadily narrow the pipes, reducing water pressure and capacity. Sewer pipe walls collect waste and mineral buildup, as well as tree root infiltration that reduces outflow capacity and contributes to frequent blockages.

Our advanced hydro jetting technology removes all these problems, clearing pipes and restoring flow and pressure. The high-pressure water nozzle can blast away even thick layers of mineral deposits and large roots, so any pipe can be effectively restored with our technology. A simple annual drain cleaning will not only make sure that your pipes stay clear but extend their life expectancy by years.

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DrainMaster specializes in effective, affordable plumbing maintenance solutions for every customer. A low-cost inspection or cleaning service can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in sewer repairs over time. We offer several different schedules to choose from to fit your maintenance needs and budget. Your search for reliable plumbing services in Columbus, OH is over. Call us today to discuss the best plumbing maintenance options for you!

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