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At DrainMaster, we offer a number of sewer system intervention services, and our repairs are among the most quick and efficient due to the time-critical nature of the emergencies associated with sewer systems. Our team of professional sewer line repair technicians understands that property damage caused by sewage spills has to be reversed quickly, and with our prompt and timely arrivals, we do everything in our power to ensure that we gain control of the situation and be reliable for our customers across Westerville when needed.

When our professional sewer line repair technicians come to your property, we first need to thoroughly assess the situation. In some cases, the type of damage and its extent can be clearly visible from signs like sinkholes or raw sewage pools. These symptoms are often indicative of a severe problem in the sewer lines, and because of this, our sewer camera inspections are employed to locate the causes of these symptoms. This inspection allows our technicians to determine the size of the problem, its location, as well as the quality of the sewer line in its entirety. This is a vital component in all of the work we do, and as a result, it is designed to be minimally invasive. Our technicians insert the camera through a small, tactically placed hole in order to complete the inspection.

At DrainMaster, we purposefully offer convenient and affordable solutions that employ trenchless technology. Our sewer repairs follow this principle as well, allowing us to restore sewer lines with ease without digging trenches to expose the pipes. We first remove any waste buildup from the sewer lines by cleaning them thoroughly with our hydro jetting equipment. This process is not only capable of removing tree roots that may be infesting the sewer line, this also allows us to make sure that the epoxy resin will cure to the pipe properly.

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The liner is then inserted into the sewer line and positioned alongside the damaged area. Once it is in place, the liner is expanded, forcing the epoxy resin that’s coating it to be transferred to the pipe walls, covering any damaged areas including corrosion, cracks, and leaks as needed. After the resin has been applied, the liner is deflated and removed, allowing the resin to cure and harden for a few hours. By the time this process is finished, the sewer lines on your property will be renewed with a new pipeline installed completely from within. The new pipes that we install are durable and strong, and with a predicted lifespan of fifty years or even more with proper maintenance and care, the sewer system in your home will be able to function smoothly as a result of the liner we installed for many years. The risks of problems are significantly lessened due to its anti-corrosive and smooth qualities, making it a reliable investment that will maximize the efficiency of your sewer system.

At DrainMaster, we’ve seen many different situations across the state, and we reference these experiences to continually innovate the sewer line repair process. Residents of Westerville can feel confident knowing that our team is readily available to assist them with their sewer line needs at all times.

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