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Having an emergency plumbing issue is nothing short of devastating. Despite all efforts of fixing the problem yourself, you realize that you have to call in the experts. You wait an hour or two but the repairmen come in late. Then arrive, only to dig up your precious lawn in order to clear up blockages inside your sewer pipes.

At DrainMaster, we use the latest sewer cleaning techniques to completely clear sewer lines without digging. Any other cleaning technique will not be as effective. In fact, the problem only goes away for a short time, then it comes back again. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to your sewer problems, count on our expert technicians and our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to restore your sewer system back to normal.

We use trenchless technologies to clean our customers’ sewer lines. Hydro jetting is a green, no-dig solution that will restore your pipe to its original diameter. Powerful pressurized water is highly effective in eliminating any kind of material impeding your sewer line’s flow, whether a buildup of grit, scale, rust, dirt, everyday household items, and even tree roots.

Our technicians will set up a sewer camera inspection by attaching a high resolution camera into a flexible line, which then gets inside any open cleanout such as a manhole or a kitchen sink drain. This inspection method is all done above the ground and is an essential part of the sewer cleaning process in order to extract a 100% accurate diagnosis. Technological advancements have made sewer inspections applicable to all kinds of sewer systems. All our technicians have to do is recommend a plan and in just a few hours you’ll be free of clogs and blockages.

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Hydro jetting is done by using modern equipment and the cleansing power of water. A specialized hose with a nozzle is fitted into a large tank of water; the equipment is turned on and the pressure causes the water to blast out in all directions inside your pipes, effectively eliminating all the buildup and the calcified matter stuck within. Keep in mind that the hydro jetting process is delicate and it should not be used by those who are inexperienced at it. DrainMaster has knowledgeable, expert technicians who know exactly how high the pressure should be and whether or not the pipe material is compatible with the cleaning.

In the drain cleaning process, there’s no single solution. Technicians will have to factor in the sewer pipe material and the circumference before any cleaning gets done. For example, cleaning cast iron pipes in a high-rise is markedly different from cleaning clay pipes in a one-story home. The sewer camera inspection will show us if the solution is hydro jetting or something else. If a repair is needed, then our trenchless pipe lining will be completed in just a few hours. The new pipe within the old pipe will be more durable and resilient against common sewer pipe problems. Moreover, it should last 50 years or even more.

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