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DrainMaster is your go-to repair provider for help repairing burst pipes in your home or business. We use the newest technology to quickly restore damaged pipe sections in an affordable, non-invasive manner. You can count on us for guaranteed results every time.

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How Trenchless Technology Allows Pipes To Be Repaired Without Digging

DrainMaster’s modern repair solutions allow us to restore or replace a damaged section of pipe without the need for costly, disruptive excavation. Rather than digging up the entire length of burst pipe so it can be replaced, our advanced technology can be introduced through existing access areas such as a cleanout port or the pipe end. We protect your home’s or business’s valuable structure, landscaping, drives and parking areas, which reduces the time needed for repair and cuts the cost in half.

DrainMaster begins the process to repair burst pipes with a full inspection of the damaged area using our sewer camera inspection service. Our trained technician maneuvers the high-definition camera through the pipe, exploring the extent of the damage and locating the best areas from which to attack the problem. Once we have a complete understanding of the issues at hand, we’ll develop a strategy that corrects the damage in the most efficient, affordable way possible.

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How We Repair Pipes & Drain Lines With Pipe Lining Solutions

Many burst pipes can be saved using our DrainMaster pipe lining solution. This pipe repair system creates a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) inside of the broken one, effectively replacing it without the need for removal. To complete a pipe lining, we thoroughly clean the walls of the pipe to prepare the surface for the restoration material, then insert a flexible tube coated with epoxy resin into the burst pipe, positioning it to cover the damaged areas. The tube is inflated, which forms the resin into a new pipe against the interior of the old one, sealing cracks and closing holes. After a few hours, the epoxy cures, fulling restoring the burst pipe to like-new capability.

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How The Pipeline Bursting Process Works

If the damage to your pipe indicates that pipe lining wouldn’t provide the best results, we also offer in-ground pipe replacement, called pipe bursting. This method allows the old pipe to be removed and a new one inserted in its place while only requiring a couple of small holes at either end for a low-hassle solution.

A specialized, pneumatic head crawls through the broken pipe and breaks up the remaining pipe structure that’s left after a severe pipe burst, then pushes the pieces outward into the soil where they harmlessly decompose. As the old pipe is destroyed, the new HDPE pipe is pulled into its place by the same tool, laying the new pipe in place of the old one. It is re-connected to surrounding joints, restoring sewer service in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional pipe bursting repair process.

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When your pipe bursts, you can always turn to DrainMaster for fast, affordable results. Our modern methods for repairing burst pipes allow us to restore most damaged pipes quickly without the need for complete removal. When replacement is needed, we can handle that as well with our low-hassle solutions. We’re the preferred provider for pipe restoration. Call DrainMaster at 614-276-1510 today!

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